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 A new day (solo)

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PostSubject: A new day (solo)   Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:24 am

Today was a new day, and everything seemed good. He made his way to the dojo as he felt like the wanted to work on some techniques and learn how to better use them.

He set up three dummies, about 2 feet apart, in a row then went and facing the one in the middle.. Looking to each of them, he relaxed and pulled out his two Zanpakuto's and took a few steps back.

Launching off his back foot, he threw himself at the one in the middle and did a wide swipe with both extended far out to the side, to hit the others, and then make a final angled slash on the last one. Upon hitting the last target, his two Zanpakuto's nearly hit into one and another.

Cursing at himself for almost hitting them both together he reset up the dummies but added another, slightly behind the others. Again he stepped back and launched himself forward, this time on more of an angle to hit all of them, and bringing his left side down a little more as to avoid touching upon coming to the middle target.

Even though he had much more to learn, he decided to go do something else as he though training one thing to much would make a rusty mind. He sheathed both his Zanpakuto's and made his way to the door and left the dojo
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A new day (solo)
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