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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 the Hunt in the Desert(solo)

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PostSubject: the Hunt in the Desert(solo)   Tue Sep 28, 2010 5:18 am

Kuro stalked yet again another hollow, today it should be her meal for the eternally hunger that would only make her grow stronger and that hunger would only get stronger. Her eyes focused solely on the prey that was no more than 20 feet away from her. There was a great calm in inside her for ones the voice inside her mind weren’t scream , that gave a special chilled inside her muscles, as she were moving towards her prey and sized up the horse alike hollow thinking about if even could harm her or it was the trouble Worth. her mind was taking that one last moment to think over the situation, before she once again would let loose her muscles and the be overwhelming by the flow of excitement and adrenalin that would be pumping through her brain, her mind In a few seconds would be in ecstasy from the hunt, from the thrill. After waiting for a second longer, Kuro couldn’t contain her expanding excitement any longer and exploded forward into a full sprint at the unsuspecting prey. The moment that danger was fully upon it, the hollow’s eyes widened and its instincts told it to run away and run away fast, really fast! Kuro noticed the hollow resembled a horse’s version. her feline legs ran in quick rapid pace, barely skidding against the ground as she were propelled forward at lightning speed.

The hollows movment were fast and it suddenly switch direction to the right as it try to foul her. But Kuro wasn’t going to lose the sight of her meal not today, she continued directly behind the hollow, She had only been running for a few seconds but Kuro knew She couldn’t keep this up the whole day, so she had to make this fast or else she would be too exhausted to Continue on after this meal. Her mind was determination and she forced her legs to pull through the initial exhausting that were coming, she speed forward like a bullet been shot through a rifle as she had use the speed of a leopard, Placing herself almost overtop of the prey there were a little bigger that her. She instantly swiped at the hollow with her sharp feline claws, trying to knock over the horse alike hollow. Kuro repositioned hers balance on her back legs and jump out in a attack trying to take down the still fleeing hollow, that were still recovering from her swipe with her claws . Her prey didn’t have time to fully recover from the attack and made the final push to make it lose its balance in the speed sending it crashing to the ground with Kuro´s on top of it holding it in place.

The hollow horse struggled, squirming its head and therefore moving its neck while it scream. Kuro quickly grew annoyed with its prey and placed one of her paws on the hollows head to brace it for her sharp teeth that would kill it. Then her teeth sank deep into its neck and a sudden pang of ecstasy washed over her body as the blood filled her mouth and her prey die out as its life spark die out.. Her prey were death, and she began to devourer her prey

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the Hunt in the Desert(solo)
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