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 Jumping for "Something Crazy" (Solo)

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PostSubject: Jumping for "Something Crazy" (Solo)   Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:39 pm

"Something Crazy" Part 3

Just like nights before Tatsuya would return to the sparring grounds and practice his technique, making sure he felt comfortable enough before continuing with his training. Tatsuya knew it was still too early to apply offensive techniques and he was in no hurry to do so. He wanted to be absolutely sure he had “the basics” down to an art form. He was beginning to see the blade more by instinct as his training went on, but he would still try and find the blade out of a sense of security. Tatsuya had been applying more advance variations to his already learned techniques and he was pleased with this.

He once again found himself in the middle of the field warming up with his usual forms. Once he finished warming up he began throwing the wooden sword in the air and catching it. He continued this for a few moments, nothing new to him, his body had already gotten used to the movements. He chased after the sword for another few minutes, his body had increased its stamina and he barely got winded. Tatsuya was for the most part done with basic movements. He had one more movement to add before he added offensive techniques to his regimen. He wasn’t sure if this movement would be as difficult as the running was, but he was about to find out.

Tatsuya closed his eyes and began to breathe deeply, rotating the sword in his hand slowly in a counter-clockwise motion. All of a sudden as though the sword had a will of its own, it launched effortlessly high into the air, spinning in the same direction. Tatsuya leapt up after it, pushing reiatsu through his legs to get the added strength to reach it, only problem was he missed it on the way up. Tatsuya landed just as the sword hit the ground. He picked it and thought to himself. Usually he would wait for the sword to come back down to catch it, so jumping towards it was completely different.

Tatsuya set up for another try, once again slowly spinning the sword while taking a deep breath. He launched the sword into the air once more and jumped after it. This time however, he didn’t apply enough reiatsu to his legs and couldn’t reach the necessary height to reach the sword. Tatsuya landed on the ground as the sword came spinning downward. He looked up at the sword and effortlessly reached up to catch it with his right hand, bringing it down to his side. Tatsuya didn’t bother waiting to even breathe before he again tossed the sword into the air. Tatsuya launched himself into the air and didn’t realize that he had put too much reiatsu into his jump causing him to completely bypass the sword.

Tatsuya had yet to learn how to hold reiatsu under his feet so that he wouldn’t fall to ground. It was too late realized that he was plummeting back to the ground. “Oh crap. Uh uh, what the hell was that spell.” He stated out loud as he fell. “Oh yeah. Gravity, leave my body. Wind, carry my feet. Heavens, wait for my arrival. Bakudo no. 18 Feather Fall.” He shouted as fast as possible as he approached the ground, his eyes widening just before hitting the ground. *painful grunt* Though the kido spell hadn’t taken full effect before he made contact with the ground, the impact was still lessened. He got up slowly and walked towards his sword. “Damn that hurt.” Tatsuya stated as he reached for his sword.

“Okay, this time I’m getting it right.” He thought to himself as he got ready to try again. Tatsuya took several deep breathes before throwing his sword through the air. Tatsuya took a split second to adjust the reiatsu he was putting in his legs before leaping after the sword. Tatsuya kept true to his word when he grabbed hold of his sword with his right hand. He landed on the ground, sword in hand and was pleased that he was able to catch it. The rest of the night went by with pretty much the same results. He would throw his sword in the air and adjust his reiatsu before jumping for it. Aside for the first few mistakes the night went by without incident. Though this nights training session was finished, he still had more coming from “Something Crazy.”


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Jumping for "Something Crazy" (Solo)
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