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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Rush zanpaktuo training(solo)

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PostSubject: Rush zanpaktuo training(solo)   Thu Aug 19, 2010 2:18 pm

Thinks back to his year in the academy. The teacher said. "Zanpakuto means soul-cutting sword and one is possessed by every shinigami. A zanpakuto is born with their shinigami and is a reflection of their soul. By learning the name of their zanpakuto, a shinigami can then begin training to become stronger with their sword. Zanpakuto are normally kept in a "sealed form" that resembles a sword. If their shinigami master is strong enough, the zanpakuto can be commanded into two releases. First, shikai and then bankai. Every zanpakuto has a release command that varies from one word to an entire phrase. Shinigami can live without their zanpakuto, but a zanpakuto cannot live without their shinigami." Rush pulls out both of his zanpaktuo's and looks at the red word that say."Only with a suffice can one join us in the games."Rush started to think about what that means. "What kind of suffice a limb?, I hate to kill someone or what?. Well i dont know you yet so its not my problem." Rush spins both of his wrist as he walked to the training area. "My My with nobody here how am i ever going to make friend? Well that just a problem now."Rush walks pass a gray builted with a dome roof and on the inside some dummy holding wooden zanpaktuo. "Now how did you guys get here too? Wow You guys are just everywhere. What this?" Rush look next the door it was a buttom with some word wrote on it."This is the zanpress this buttom and the dummy will attack you." Rush push the buttom and walked in. " lets see what you." befor Rush could finish What he was about to say one of the dummy appeared above him swing downward. Rush block the attack with both his zanpaktuo. "My My how rude of you to."once another dummy appeared behid him and started to dush toward him. Rush push the dummy above him upward then jumped into the air. The dummy would miss the attack. rush would bring both of his legs downward trying to drop kick the dummy but a third dummy protect the second one with its sheath. Rush flip of the sheath on the roof. dummy one and two both appeared on the diffrent side of the roof and dashed toward Rush. When the three collided a cloud of smoke appeared when the smoke cleared. Rush manage to block both of them with his one zanpuktuo each. "My My how strong are you guys." The third one jumpped from the ground under Rush to the roof trying to hit him. Rush let go both of his zanpaktuo and start to fall along side them. Rush grab his zanpaktuo and swings downward. In mid-air Rush and the third dummy collided, Rush block his attack with one zanpaktuo and slashed the dummy with the other. The dummy fell to the ground and exploded. " one down." Rush land on the ground at the same time the other two drummy.As rush spined his zanpaktuo in both hand."Now Now lets end please." The two dummy dash toward rush. When they got to rush the dummy tried to swing. But Rush killed both of them. " That was fun." A flashback happens when the dummy gotto Rush he stop spinning his zanpaktou one was pointing forward the other was pointing backwards , Rush duck down to the ground. spinned around cutting the dummy in half.The flashback end.
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Rush zanpaktuo training(solo)
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