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 Tatsuya Okibi - The Burning Fist (Shinigami) (Finished)

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Tatsuya Okibi - The Burning Fist (Shinigami) (Finished) Empty
PostSubject: Tatsuya Okibi - The Burning Fist (Shinigami) (Finished)   Tatsuya Okibi - The Burning Fist (Shinigami) (Finished) I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 18, 2010 10:31 pm

Name: Tatsuya (First) Okibi (Surname)

Age: 125/24

Height: 7' 7"

Weight: 370

Gender: Male

Personality: Tatsuya is a calm individual even in the face of danger. Though his appearance would make a person think otherwise, he is an easily approachable down-to-earth person. Tatsuya cherishes friendship and would willingly put his life on the line to defend anyone he considers a friend. Though if said friends betrayed his trust, he would if necessary, not hesitate to strike them down or kill them without a second thought. Tatsuya gladly welcomes confrontations/fighting, but does not care to start them. He would gladly enter into a fight, even if it's not his fight. When it comes to authority figures, he has a general respect for them.

Appearance: Tatsuya is a tall man with long black hair kept in a ponytail fashion while covering parts of his face. His build is that of pure solid rock hard muscle as if he was chiseled straight from a bolder. His eyes are yellow in color which give him a more monstrous look in correlation with his stature. After fighting with a hollow, Tatsuya suffered a claw to his face that left scar marks on the right side. He refuses to have those scars removed. His hair is now cut short and tight, with some slight spiking, and he wears something close to what the omnitsukido might wear, but still unique to him; a tight black, sleeveless vest and a pair of ninja pants & leggings

Basic appearance:
Body structure:
Vest and Pants:

Passive Reiatsu Ability: Upon achieving shikai, Tatsuya unlocked the true from of his reiatsu. His reiatsu raises the temperature around him with or without him realizing it. Lower ranking people will notice it getting a little hotter around them. The physical/visual manifestation of his reiatsu is fire.

Sealed Zanpakutō : To match Tatsuya's size, his zanpaktou is a nodachi with a black sheath and black cloth wrapping and an exquisite tsuba design.


Call out phrase: Rise from the ashes, Suzaku

Description of released form:

Released form is a pair of metal, bladed gauntlets that cover his hands to his elbows and completely covered in fire. The main blade is on top of the gauntlets while the two smaller ones are on the edges of his hands. The blades and gauntlets glow red from the added heat of fire and they would severely burn anyone who would try to wield them, but the owner is not even the slightest bit singed.

Ability #1. - Hinote Soujuu (Fire Manipulation)- Tatsuya can manipulate all the fire around his gauntlet covered arms and the area. There are three current ways to use this technique. First, A barrage of fireballs can strike the enemy, though they can be easily destroyed. Second, he can create a bigger single fireball for stronger single strikes. Third, he can create a wall of fire able to block weak attacks ranging from phisycal to energy/kido attacks. The power increases as he gets stronger and more skilled with the technique.

Ability #2. - Kaen Kyuutou (Flame Jump)- Tatsuya gains the ability to jump into a fire and come out of another nearby area as long as fire is present. At his current level, he needs fire as big as his body to move through, but as he gets stronger the fire required becomes less and less, until he is able to jump into red hot embers. If the fires are extinguished while he is trying to jump through them, he will be trapped in that area... in limbo, until someone creates a big enough fire necessary for him to jump through. Currently he is able to jump through fire that is within 15 meters of his starting location, this area will expand as he gains strength.

Ability  #3. - Hibashira (Blazing Column) - Tatsuya punches into the ground and pushes reiatsu into it. A column of fire erupts from the ground anywhere he chooses, up to 25 meters away. The column ranges in size from 2, 5, and 10 meters. He cannot continually use this technique. Cool downs for each size is 2, 4, and 6 posts respectively. If he uses a larger column, he cannot use a smaller column until the post cool down for the size he used passes. (Like this, but one at a time)


Name: Syouten Suzaku (Ascended Red Bird)

Appearance -  Tatsuya's gauntlets are now gold. The previous blades have been replaced by 4 equally length blades (3ft) that extend from the back of the gauntlets to 1 1/2  ft in front. The blades can hover out giving them a wider area and can extend forward adding a greater reach. Tatsuya now has a pair of golden boots that go half way up his shin, and have three blades. One on the instep, one on the outer edge and one in the back. His arms and legs are covered in flames. A pair of large flaming wings no protrude from Tatsuya's back with a 10 meter wing span. The blades can be shot at the opponent. (Something like this)

Enhanced shikai abilities:
Hinote Soujuu - Tatsuya can now use this ability with all his limbs.
Hibashira - Cool down has been lessened by 1. He gains the ability to use a 20 meter attack at a 10 post cool down (only if he punches the ground). He can stomp the ground and use the smaller columns. Blades that he immediately shoots from his arm can use the technique, but only where the blades hit, and he has to say the name of the technique.

Bankai Ability #1 - Hōōran (Phoenix Egg) - Tatsuya creates a large 100 meter dome of fire by launching his eight blades out and into the ground. Inside the dome he only has access to his first and second shikai abilities. He can also launch fire attacks from using the fire from the dome. (Akin to Senbonzakura). Anyone caught in the dome begins to get exhausted faster as the heat inside rises to unbearable temperatures. Even Tatsuya. Spirit power and Speed begin to decrease at a ratio of 2/1 (opponent/Tatsuya). The dome has a duration of 2 posts when he firsts achieves it and gains an extra 2 post duration for every rank after, until a max of 10 posts is gained, at rank 10. Once the duration ends, he loses all of his fire abilities and has to wait 1 thread after the thread he used the ability to regain access.

Each character gets 60 skill points to assign to either:

Spirit power: 30    (Shikai/Bankai = 40/55)

Speed: 45             (Shikai/Bankai = 55/70)

Technique: 10      

Fighting skill: 30    (Shikai/Bankai = 40/55)

(+5 at Rank 1, +5 at Rank 2, +10 Rank 3, +10 Rank 4, +10 Rank 5, +15 Rank 6)[Up To Date 8/21/12]

History/Background: Tatsuya's human life was as normal as could be. He had loving parents and was raised in your average neighborhood with a low crime rate. The only real thing not normal about his life was his size. By the time Tatsuya reached middle school he already towered above his classmates, hell even his parents were dwarfed when standing next to him. Making friends was a challenge for Tatsuya because of his appearance, but once a friend was made they knew they could count on Tatsuya for anything.

Though Tatsuya would not be one to start a confrontation, he would be the one still standing by the time it ended. He enjoyed fighting just from the excitement in gave him, even joining fights that had no relation with his friends or himself, usually resulting with the fighters uniting against a common enemy that had no business being there, Tatsuya. Tatsuya would come out of those incidents with little more than cuts and bruises, while his opponents would have bruised egos and broken bones, usually breaking their hands upon punching his unnaturally rock hard body. Not to mention the fact when Tatsuya at least punched someone it was a guaranteed broken bone and/or other type of internal injury. That fact quickly earned him the nickname "The Burning Fist." Tatsuya had always thought that he would lead the life of a champion fighter and it would have probably ended up that way if it wasn't for that fate changing day.

It was only days before his eighteenth birthday. Tatsuya had been training himself in preparation for years so that when he turned eighteen he could register as a professional fighter. Tatsuya was out running through town with his best friend and training partner, running so that he could increase his endurance. Though it's not like he needed endurance training or for that matter any other type of training. As they ran through their usual route Tatsuya had an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach, though he just shrugged it off as being hunger, since it had been 5 hours since he last ate. They continued running towards their midway point, an eight lane highway overpass. Then "It" happened, while running through the overpass a massive earthquake hit the town. At that moment Tatsuya heard the overpass beginning to rupture. Tatsuya yelled to his friend to run, as they ran Tatsuya realized that they wouldn't escape the falling debris or at the very least HE wouldn't. Tatsuya grabbed his friend and used all of his strength to throw him clear of the overpass just moments before it collapsed, essentially crushing Tatsuya.

Rp sample:
"Its' been two weeks since that devastating earthquake" Tatsuya thought to himself as he gazed at what used to be a highway. Much of the ruble has been cleared away along with several bodies including his own. Though Tatsuya was dead he was not alone, the earthquake killed many and they gathered together to "survive." Tatsuya learned a lot about his new friends and what some of them did when they were alive. He found out most of them had families that were lucky enough to survive. How did he know this? Because the showed up at the highway to pay their respects and leave gifts for the departed. And then there was some that weren't so lucky, only because they were on vacation traveling to a theme park or just had the day off and wanted to spend some quality time. There was a doctor, a police officer and various others. And that was just the death toll from the highway overpass where he died.

Though Tatsuya would get sad from time to time, all that would be needed to cheer him up was to watch the departed children joyfully playing together as if nothing was wrong. Tatsuya himself had become their unofficial big brother, because of his size and strength the children would ask him to play with them, usually climbing on top of him like a mountain or swinging them around in a circle with his arms two at a time. Tatsuya was so lost in thought that he didn't realize the children he was thinking about were already climbing all over him. "Ichi-nii play with us" one little girl said then they all sounded off "Yes, play with us. Please. Please" was all Tatsuya heard from the children. "Alright, alright" Tatsuya stated with a slight chuckle as he started to walk, all the while having 7 kids hanging on to him. "YAY" was all that could be heard from the kids along with giggling and laughing. The parents would just look on and laugh at poor Tatsuya's predicament.

Everything was all fun and games with those kids, until an unusual howl broke through their laughter. Tatsuya had an unsettling feeling in his gut, the same feeling he had before the earthquake. Tatsuya began to put the children down when he heard the same howl, only louder and closer. "Ichi-nii whats that noise?" one child asked. "It's probably just a lonely dog" Tatsuya replied with his best fake smile, he wasn't sure what it was, but he didn't want to scare the children. Though what he said wouldn't matter in the next few moments. "Go back to your parents little ones, I'm not feeling to good" He said to the children, as he said this the children all let out groans of disappointment, but returned to their parents anyway.

Just then he heard a horrifying howl, and a second later a blood-curdling scream. Tatsuya turned around to see the police officer being eaten alive by an unknown terrifying beast. "What the hell is that?!" Tatsuya thought to himself while staring back at the horror that he has viewed. The creature was enormous, it was double the size of Tatsuya and had a weird white mask. All the other souls that were in area were screaming in fear. That in itself distracted the beast from the finishing it's appetizer and moving on to the buffet, letting out and earth shattering howl. "RUN!!!!" Tatsuya shouted to all the souls that the creature was heading for. Before he knew it the creature was getting ready to chomp down on one of his "little sisters'" and without thinking he grabbed a nearby rock and hurled it at the creature. "LEAVE HER ALONE!!" He yelled out causing the creature to turn its attention to him. "COME AND GET ME" He shouted while throwing another rock. This distracted the creature long enough for the girl to runaway from the creature along with most of the other souls. The creature howled at Tatsuya, "You made me lose my dinner, you'll pay for that" the creature stated before charging at Tatsuya. Tatsuya was surprised when the creature talked, but didn't have time to think when it charged. He didn't have time to react when all of a sudden the creature sent him flying to a nearby broken light pole with a powerful punch. Tatsuya began to stand up, a bit shaken considering he had never been hit that hard. "I bet you're gonna taste yummy, boy" the creature said while licking its' mouth.

Tatsuya stared in fear at the creature's statement. Still dazed Tatsuya watched as the creature began to move towards him, when rocks began to pelt the creature. Both Tatsuya and the creature looked towards the direction of the thrown rocks to see Tatsuya's "brothers and sisters". "Leave ichi-nii alone" the children stated. "Stupid children, I'll eat you after I'm done with your brother" The creature stated. This gave Tatsuya the opportunity to pick up the broken light pole, "HEY" he yelled, causing the creature to turn back around "What the..." the creature stated. "LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!" Tatsuya shouted as he swung down the light pole, breaking it in two as it connected with the creature.

The creature having been hit was only slightly injured and greatly annoyed, "Why you..." was all the creature stated be for being cut off mid sentence. "That's enough out of you, Hollow. Hadou no 4: Byakurai." said a female in a black robe, sending a straight lightning bolt through the creatures head causing it to dissipate into thin air. "Who the hell are you?" Tatsuya stated more out of fear and shock rather than disrespect at his savior. "We're here to help" the female stated, "We?!" Tatsuya replied just before 6 more men and women in similar outfits arrived. "We're here to make sure you don't get attacked by anymore Hollows." the female stated while unsheathing her sword. "Hollows, you mean the...." Tatsuya was stopped mid-sentence when the female quickly connected her foot to his testicles. Tatsuya quickly fell down to his knees trying to catch his breath. "You talk too much. You handled yourself well against the hollow. I hope to see you in the afterlife. Oh and sorry for hitting you, but you're too tall for me to do konsō way up there" the female said to Tatsuya who was now just slightly at a level beneath the females head as she placed the end of her swords hilt against Tatsuya's forehead. "Bitch" Tatsuya stated under his breath before disappearing.

Tatsuya Okibi - The Burning Fist (Shinigami) (Finished) Untitled-12-3
Tatsuya's Stats:

Tatsuya Okibi - The Burning Fist (Shinigami) (Finished) 29e2d74

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Tatsuya Okibi - The Burning Fist (Shinigami) (Finished) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tatsuya Okibi - The Burning Fist (Shinigami) (Finished)   Tatsuya Okibi - The Burning Fist (Shinigami) (Finished) I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 19, 2010 4:45 pm

Tatsuya Okibi - The Burning Fist (Shinigami) (Finished) Saltwb10

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Tatsuya Okibi - The Burning Fist (Shinigami) (Finished)
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