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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Soul Reaper Academy Rules and Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Soul Reaper Academy Rules and Code of Conduct   Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:29 am

Code of conduct:
A high standard of behaviour is expected of the Shinigami hopefuls that pass through the halls of this Academy. As such, rules are put into place so that a well structured environment is created, that allows for an easy progression into the Gotei 13.

Respect for all staff members within the Academy is demanded, and any reports against such mannerisms will result is disciplinary action. It is customary to arrive 5 minutes early to a lesson, and wait silently in your place until the instructor arrives.

Fighting, without instructor permission and moderation is not permitted around the Academy. Any disputes should instead be brought to the instructors.

Senior students out-rank the junior students, and are entrusted to care for the younger years. Attendance to all classes is Mandatory. The correct colour uniform must be worn at all times, in a presentable manner.

The library is open at all hours of the day, ever day of the week, and it's resources are available for anyone within the Gotei 13.

At any point a Captain or ranked officer may request aid from Academy Students, this aid is always required to be given, and considered as an order from a higher ranking officer.

Sparring grounds:
All open spars should be marked with the participant's Rank at the bottom of the first post, and so on for those that enter afterwards. This makes it easier for a lower or higher level character (and for Admin and Moderators) to judge the tide of the battle, as well as to watch for characters that are/could be God Moding.

All posts in the sparring grounds should try to post a minimum of 5 lines each; explaining clearly the attacks used and in detail; so that your opponent can reply accordingly with little confusion.

The Classroom:
Most threads posted in the classroom will be solo threads, based around learning more about the Gotei 13 and their opponents. However, some trhead (marked as open) are free for other users to join.

For threads un-marked as a solo thread or open to others, it is customary to pm the user who made the thread, asking to join.

Kidou Training:
Whilst all users start with Kidou 1-10 (This includes both Bakudo and Hado). Training of other spells is needed. The Kidou system is explained here Kidou- explained.

Kidou training posts do not count as solo threads, as they are a different application, so do not include them in your rank up app.

Kidou training posts can be a solo app or an rp with others. Please write the word count at the bottom of your posts and which kidou spell you're applying for. Ensuring to meet the word count required.

Zanjutsu (Zanpakuto Training):
These posts can count towards either solo thread, rp with others, or friendly combat training threads. Obviously they cannot count for more than one. Ask to join an un-marked thread. In these threads you can npc your class instructor and rp a lesson of training.

Zanjustus threads are aimed to train fighting skill; not shikai.

Hohou (Shunpo or Flash Step):
Threads in this area are similar to those of Zanjutsu posts. These posts can count towards either solo thread, rp with others, or friendly combat training threads. Obviously they cannot count for more than one. Ask to join an un-marked thread.

Also, this area is more agility training, as shinigami do not receive the ability to flash step until rank 2.

Becoming one with your Zanpaktou:
This area is generally out of bounds for Academy Students. Though all applications for Shikai and Bankai and the various techs for these releases are to be posted here. Bankai and Shikai, in order to take these(and all levels of them) You must write an application for them. Obviously you must be of certain rank in order to do this... For the most basic Shikai, you must be rank 3. For the next part, rank 4, the last part is rank 5. Bankai starts at rank 6, then finishes at rank 7. Though you must reach rank 8 before you are able to RP having "Mastered" your Bankai. *more information given in the forum itself*

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Soul Reaper Academy Rules and Code of Conduct
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