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 An image to a voice (solo)

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PostSubject: An image to a voice (solo)   Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:56 pm

Myou had been in the Academy for a while, he had learned many new
things about Shinigami's and the power they can wield, but that
power is not just from themselves. Sure in the History of the Soul
Society there had been a man who used nothing but his own brute
force and power to become a captain, but that had been an
exception, and if Myou was honest he didnt like the way that had
been used, using a Zanpakuto as a tool rather than a partner. Myou
left the classroom he was in after another lesson about how to
release Zanpakuto's. It has fired him up to try once more to hear
his own and maybe even call out the power from within. He hurried
back to his room, it had been the final lesson for the day and
thus the beginning of the weekend. He unlocked his door and walked
on in closing the door after him. Hidden inside his wardrobe was
the Wakizashi sized Zanpakuto that had appeared in that bar fight
all that time ago. He picked up his blade and looked at in
longingly. He so wanted to become a true Shinigami but he was
going nowhere fast. His Kidou was improving and so was his
techniques but he still could not call out the power from his
Zanpakuto. "Maybe today" Myou told himself as
he placed his weapon within his robes and left his room locking
the door after him.

He walked out from the academy, a few of the students were heading
down to the bars and invited Myou, he declined and with a smile
made his excuses and left them. There was only one thing that Myou
was interested in, and that was releasing the sleeping power
within his blade. He went along the path that was so familiar to
him after all these years, up the fairly steep hillside toward the
over looking cliff that looked over the academy as well as
Seireitei. It was the place that Myou found himself relaxed and at peace. It was the perfect setting to develop his connection with his zanpakuto.

It had been a while since he last heard that voice in his head the voice from his Zanpakuto. But he knew it was there deep within the blade that had been created from his soul. Remembering what he had been taught, he knelt down and quietened down everything within his soul. There was no noise anywhere, cept for the faint sound's of a gentle breeze that had picked up around the dizzying heights that Myou had climbed to. Nothing though was bothering Myou had all of his focus was placed upon his blade, He drew it from his sheath and proceeded to gently push it into the ground in front of him. He then closed his eyes to remove the final distraction and pictured the blade within his minds eye. conjuring that image he proceeded to enter the blade using his minds eye. Though this turned out a troublesome and very difficult task. As his mind barley focused fully and kept wondering, having to be dragged back to the task at hand like a spoilt boy on a playgrund.

"O mighty zanpakuto" he spoke trying to attain its attention " could you tell me your name". He then fell silent, waiting with bated breath in the hope that he would get the response, that he so desperately craved. But all that greeted him was a tomb like silence. Myou's heart sunk, the build up he had given himself had been to great, to have been let down in such a way. he sighed rose to his feat and withdrew the Zanpakuto from the ground as he opened his eyes at the same time, he cleaned the blade then placed it on his right shoulder. "I guess its still not time" Myou said to himself, as he turned to begin the decent back down the hillside. "Well not if you speak like that you sound ridiculous." The voice shot into the back of Myou's mind, and he recognised it straight away. He screwed his eyes shut and concentrated as hard as he could on the source of the voice. An image begun to form within Myou's mind, although not a clear one, but the more he concentrated the more it came into focus. Like tuning an old television, the picture of the Zanpakuto's world became clearer to see.

The world he was seeing was quite a wonder to Myou. It was a large open land with lush green grass, and a river flowing by the edge. It had trees and different animals that you would associate with the wild west. Though Myou could see this wondrous land that was all he could do, it was like watching a television, he was not actually there, just watching from afar. As he looked on that now familiar voice once again entered his head, "So do you like my world?" The world seemed to shift slightly as an image not seen before was coming into view. At first it seemed like a person, as it was standing on two legs. But as it got clearer he could see this was no man. Dressed like a native Indian warrior a great bear stood in the middle of Myou's vision. His fir was brown in colour and he stood around 7 ft tall, he was a sight which Myou had not been expecting. resting just below his chest was what a appeared to be a drum with pattens and swirls all around it, and a light leather tightly pulled over the top to create the drum. It was held up by a long leather strap which reached over the bears neck to connect one side of the drum to the other. Myou could also see something else attached by another strap on the bears back, but he could not make out what.

The bear once again spoke " I see your still not ready to enter my world fully. It is a little sad but the fact you can see me now is good progress." Myou stood in complete silence, this had been alot to take in. "When you are finally ready to interact in this world I will then tell you my name" Then with a small snarl, revealing his large teeth he said "Now go Myou, go and train harder so you can become one with my power" With that the world he was seeing was now gone, replaced with an empty darkness. Myou opened his eyes and saw the hill side again. This was alot to take in, what he had seen. He looked down at his Zanpakuto which was still the same original blade that he had always possessed. But this didnt matter to Myou, he had moved that one step closer to attaining the power that lay dormant within. He replaced his Zanpakuto back in it's sheath and begun to had back to the Academy. He wanted to get back and train, even through the weekend, he didnt care about anything else. Now Myou was even more determined to become a Shinigami and unlock the secrets of his Zanpakuto.
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An image to a voice (solo)
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