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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 New Tactics (Solo)

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Kaoseu Enjel

Kaoseu Enjel

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PostSubject: New Tactics (Solo)   Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:28 am

His mind was whirring like an unstoppale war machine between his ears as he paced his room. There were so many ideas and possibilities that were running through his brain, he couldn't push them back. He muttered to himself, his mind on the verge of overloading as he found a new idea every time he worked another one over. The best thing for this, he decided, was to put these ideas into action. Kaoseu grabbed his Zanpakuto and thought of slipping on shoes, then decided against it as he left the barracks and headed to the sparring grounds.

When he arrived, he was virtually alone. Most Academy students had classes at the time and there'd been a more tight-fisted guard duty for a while now. He enjoyed the prospect of having some alone time, especially since he wouldn't have to share the grounds with someone else. He decided he'd practice on the portion that was layered with a thick coating of sand. He stepped onto this portion of the grounds, feeling the warm gains beneath his feet. He grinned as he drew his blades and unwrapped the bandages around the hilts, but kept them tied to the hilts at the ends.

He began his first idea slowly, formulating it in his body as he thought over it. He began to whir the blades around him, just by the bandages. He could yank them back and then loose them again, altering their direction midflight by subtle hand movements and gentle tugs. He could also create a virtually impenetrable barrier that extended about 40 feet in radius around him, and less the more bandage he reeled in, but the barrier also became more effective when it was smaller.

At one point, Kaoseu had his craziest idea yet. He ran the bandages of one blade through the front of the hole in his left shoulder, and tid a large knot, holding it in place. He then put the bandages of the other blade through the back of the hole in his right shoulder, and tied a knot there as well. Both blades were now connected to him, and he could move them freely. He spent time experimenting with this, spinning in circles and doing acrobatics. The blaes eventually began to do as he wished as he grew more adept at theses styles. The second left his hands free, but also gave a wide range of movement, as well as making it virtually impossible to completely disarm him. On the other hand, the first style provided a wider variety of movement and offered an amazing defensive capability. He contemplated this, and decided he'd try out a few more ideas that were plaguing his brain.

"Shine in the shadows and hide in the light, Shirokuro."
he whispered, and there was a flash of black and white light. As the light faded, Kaoseu could be seen standing with two twin blades of opposing color, one black as night, the other the purest white.

"Well it's about time..." yawned a distinct voice.

"Yeah, we was starin' to think yous forgot about us. Gonna keep leadin' us on like this, we may have to break off this relationship, bub." said another, gruffer, sarcastic voice. Kaoseu grinned as he replied.

"What, you really think there was any reason for me to bring you two out? Now hush, we've got some work to do."

Kaoseu thought over the plan for a moment and then grinned. He grabbed hold of the cloth bandages and ran Reiatsu through them. The cloth unwound itself and then wound a smaller portion of it to his fingers and hands. He launched the blades out, and experimented with them in this way. With barely the flick of a finger, he could completely change the direction the blades were moving. He ran Reiatsu through the black blade as it swiped through shadow and saw the black mist that clung to it. He swung the blade around and focused his Reiatsu to the blade again, making it concentrate the mist into a small ball at the tip of the blade. He then focused his Reiatsu, but built it up until he could barely contain it, then fired off one shot, focused as he could get it. Instead of a full blown crescent, it came out in a more focuse, better aimed shot.

Kaoseu was ecstatic. He now had three new styles he could use in battle, all of which would be extremely useful. He released his Shikai and rested up a bit, the Reiatsu strain getting to him. He decided it was time to rest for the day, his mind at ease from all the ideas. He gathered his things, sheathed his blades, and made his way back to the barracks, where he lay down to sleep for a few hours, awaiting the next round of ideas to attack.
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New Tactics (Solo)
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