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 Away from a lecture

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PostSubject: Re: Away from a lecture    Sat Dec 04, 2010 11:45 am

Everything was going so fast, this was by far, the best and the fastest combat he ever had with anyone, the thrill rushing in him, the adrenaline surging through his every vein. His ingenious battle tactics were crushed one after another but still he kept on trying with a will of iron. At this point everything on his body was light, not because he felt well, but because the lack of blood was starting to catch onto him. Tatsu's energy seemed more present, at the start of the fight, the energy was all over the place, like an uncontrolled nuclear explosion, but as the fight went on, the energy kept nearing and nearing the young man. Before he could react, he had missed his headbutt and he was pushed by back the captain.

His ultimate idea, sacrificing his defence always worked before, not that it hadn't worked this time, but she had caught the blade. Tatsu's intent couldn't be very hostile towards the captain he idolized of course he thought such a woman outside of his league but that wasn't for today, at this point Tatsu was seeing doubles and his energy could be felt very well, as if the whole of his energy had come all that much closer to him. Tatsu couldn't fight back his own dagger being pushed down by the captain, his stare diverted one second to his hand holding that dagger, and as he shot his stare back up, knowing to turn your glance away from a fighter's eyes were a mistake, it happened. The elbow of the captain smacked the living hell outside of Tatsu, his face went sideways, and he stumbled back a few step, at this point he was unconcious and it was obvious, yet he was still standing, and all of a sudden, his energy went from being all over the place to around him and his zanpakuto. Still stumbling, Tatsu, heard a female voice in his head, as if it wanted to calm him down. ''It's don't have to struggle anymore.'' as if Tatsu wasn't allowing himself to lose, for some reason. Without really knowing the young shinigami slashed, with all the intent of his zanpakuto to defend its user, in the general area of the captain, and fell face face, thus in her direction too.
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PostSubject: Re: Away from a lecture    Sat Dec 04, 2010 12:12 pm

The smile that had been pressed backwards throughout the fight finally cracked it's way onto the girl's expression. Almost laughing she was so happy when Tatsu stumbled backwards. His reiatsu already confined so well into a protective barrier around his being. 'He heard her' Zenpyou's voice rang through Kaiyo's mind. The sheer energy released sent a kinda of shockwave through the training ground. A blast of air moved by the compressed reiatsu and control. Kaiyo's blonde hair flicked backwards, along with her new headband as she stood motionless.

The next part caught her off guard though, The sheer piercing energy that had found it's way around his Zanpakuto was so different to before. Kaiyo reacted quickly, twisting to the side to avoid the slice, but her own less than combat ready reiatsu had diminished since her last hit on the guy. Her arms were still raised, and as she turned, her left hand was nicked by the edge of tatsu's blade. Droplets of blood beginning to drip down onto the ground. Kaiyo's eyes shimmered with pride as she just smiled.

Reaching forwards to catch her fallen friend gently in her arm. Kaiyo smiled, whispering in Tatsu's ears, 'You really are amazing ya know'. Just like that, the Captain was gone in a flash. Landing within a single step in the middle of the 4th squad barracks, 'I need a healer!' she called. Within seconds, Tatsu had been rushed off on a bed. All the while, his Captain remained smiling. Kaiyo was eventually led into his room, over-night precautions were standard for her squad members.

Still, when she entered the room, he seemed asleep. Wandering over to the side of his bed, Kaiyo hugged him lightly, not wanting to cause anymore injuries as she spoke. 'I think you earned that headband Tatsu, heh you cut my hand, look! I even had to get someone to put a plaster on it' she smiled, holding out the back of her hand to show tatsu the sword shaped band-aid she'd especially requested. 'Feel better soon, you put one hell of a fight' she added, turning around as she left his room.
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Away from a lecture
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