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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Raikou Tristeza

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PostSubject: Raikou Tristeza   Sun Jul 04, 2010 7:33 am


Name: Raikou Tristeza


Age of death: Nineteen Years

Age In hollow time: Half a year.

Gender: Male

Height: 10"4(On all fours)

Weight: 400lbs



Feral Tendencies: Raikou though he is a hollow -- well added that he is a hollow assists with his feral manners. He can have a slight tendency of a wild wolf itself. Protective of its area and those it allows itself to get close to which is nearly one in a million. If befriended which is more than likely never going to happen, he will assist that person in any form yet he would need a reason to as well as motivation.

Also, when in battle; Raikou tends to sneak around and attack from the shadows instead of staight on. A tactical procedure but one that has its risks like all others.

As well as the above, Raikou also has territorial issues. When hunting for souls in the real world or taking down his fellow hollows within the other realm; Raikou typically picks a spot or two and attacks from there. Any intruding hollow or person within that area or one that tires to hinder him and his feeding will usually be taken down.


Raikou had the ordinary childhood; lived it up with a couple of friends. Had two loving parents up until the age of fifteen. That is the age everything changed for him. They both seemed to die while on a day out; bloody and severed in two. Both of them were soulless bodies that he happened upon while hanging out with his best friend Rin. How they were killed? No one knows. No murderer was found at the scene of the crime. Those quivering and shaking eyes caused the one who caused it to smirk and laugh when he got passed them. Twas a bount that caused the death of the two and a brutal one at that.

"Rai..." Rin spoke sullenly and reached her hand out to his shoulder then latched her arms around his waist "I'm here ..." Rai was too broken for mere words like "I'm here" to affect him. He shoved Rin off and she fell to the ground. He changed then and was forever going to stay that way. Months upon months passed that he gradually became more scornful of what had gone on. Raikou sprung into violent acts after working a few jobs to make his way through the rest of school and living; all the while ignoring Rin when he happened to see her.

After their graduation, Rai disappeared from everyone's lives. It wasn't death but more like a runaway. To that day what had happened affected him mentally. Nothing but a shell awaiting death. No smile, no emotions, no pain, no suffering. Only to find himself spiraling out of control by the age of nineteen from constant fights after work.

A faint clapping was heard one night after a fight he had in the alley; it was such an annoying and taunting one "Nice job....I've been watching you." The mysterious bount spoke. "What the hell do you want?" Rai spoke in his usual non-caring tone while he looked over his shoulder and began cleaning the blood off of his fist. He flinched "'ve been what?" Rai turned towards the male fully. "I've been watching you..-" That was when Rai rushed towards him, grabbed the bount by the collar of his shirt and pinned him against the outside of the wall so he could see the face clearly. "Recognize something boy?" The bount spoke as now a shocked expression covered Rai's features.

"Y-you are that..." Raikou noticed the man as he was at the scene of his parent's death. "...What the hell happened to my parents?!" The boy scowled and the bount grabbed his wrist "Don't you know it's rude to not introduce yourself?" A crushing force was put on it and the bount threw the boy out onto the street. "First of all Name is Zeth...Second of all..." The man stood before Raikou and smirked "I was the one who killed you parents..." Zeth smirked and all there was next was the sight of a deathly smirk and darkness.

Rai's body was found near Rin's street just as brutalized as his parent's.

His time was now spent his days as a plus, scouring the town he formally lived in with a look of gloom and doom on his face. There was no way he could kill that Bount and got upset about it. The anger, the pure hatred he showed only hastened the hollification process. Only a mere six months, he spent within the world of the living looking for that man, only to witness his death by shinigami. It seemed to be a lesser case and Rai went into hiding because he didn't know what was going on.

Now his chain was gone and the hole in his chest came to an opening. It was his turn to do the killing and it all began with his taking a portal to the world of the hollows the first chance he got. Most of his time is spent there or somewhere in Karakura town around his typical stomping grounds.

Each character gets 60 points to assign to either:

Spirit power: 21

Speed: 25

Technique: 19

Fighting Skill: 25

(+5 at Rank 1, +5 at Rank 2, +10 at Rank 3, +10 at Rank 4.)[Up to Date]

((These stats reflect your training and focus area of your character though in no way determine if you are better than another character in a stat. Only your roleplaying can determine that... Remember that these can not increase or decrease, they will not change...))

Custom Hollow Abilities:
((These should be completely original techniques or powers of your hollow. Please note Cero's will be mentioned in the initial information forum with the stat system explained.))

Ability 1: ((Sombra Raya (Shadow Stripe): The green stripes that coveeer the wolf begin to turn in to a dark shade of purple before hisshadows begin to surround his form. This temporarily increases his speed and strength despite his already overwhelming size. His claws also become a little sharper at his own spiritual essence is pushed in to his feet, causing his claws to shimmer with the darkened energy. This ability lasts 3 post max with a post resting period.

Ability 2: ((Rank 1 -Burakkuaisutorakkingu Black Ice tracking): Rai arches his head up towards the sky, launching a darkened beam of ice elemtn reiryoku in to the air. Small clounds form before a small amount of snow comes down that covers about a thirty five yard radius around him. When the snow hits a target or someone invading that space, it immediately connects with Rai's own rreiryoku and allows him to track the being for about ten minutes or two posts.

Ability 3: ((Rank 3- Reitō fīrudo (Frozen Field): The black and green striped wolf arches his head up nd howls loudly, calling upon his newfound power. The ripe areaa around them will freeze over in black ice before several pillars begin to rise up and crack. A swift wind blows fiercer and fiercer with each broken pillar until the ice grows enough in quantity to shred adn harm his opponent depending on how resistant they are to that physical damage.

Ability 4: (Rank 6; Kōri no kage (Icy Shadows): Using his already hastened speed and strength, Rai lunge at his opponent, but instead of going right for him, the beast typically finds someway to avoid said frontal attack. That is when he braces himself and begins charging what would be a wondrous beam of ice blue and obsidian black. This move doesn consume a lot of reiryoku, so it isn't used much and typically doesn't need to be used by him at all in fact....well at least against the smaller beings. THe beam causes large amoutns of damage to the opponent along with freezing a part of their body slowly with black ice.

Rp sample:

Pastoral; that was one of the words that could possibly describe the day which Raikou was currently living. Well more like surviving. Day after day within the gray realm with nothingness as far as the eye could see; countless fights took place between hollows. Each claiming their own brethren to further their power. Some allied, some betrayed, day after day the same old song played and it was beginning to get annoying. But, what was the meaning of annoyance for a feral one such as Raikou? He was one of those brutal fighters and betrayers. Not to be trusted so easily yet so easily gained it and crushed it without a moment's hesitation. He's only been there for naught a few days but caused so much to happen?!

This hollow made his home around a small area around a withered tree. Most hollows had the gall to attack him them. Such idiots for doing things without knowing what their opponent was possibly capable of. Now there he was; Raikou as usual laying a few centimeters away from his trees. His paws were under his chin as he rested. Those dark crimson eyes were half closed as if he was in a daze. Trying to remember something which he couldn't. One of the few peaceful times when he needed rest.

But alas, this peace was short lived as a shadow came over him. Its own shadow was basically engulfing Raikou's. Reiatsu; the spiritual energy that dwells within most beings within the shinigami and hollow type began to bound down on the wolf type hollow within the moment of attack. Stupid being didn't think it would be a good idea to conceal it in some form.

Raikou had already had his claws inserted into the ground with his forepaws ready to pounce -- or rather move out of the way with a quick dodge. The fist was coming down like a hammer to a nail and the dog did that much to get away. Gravel and sand flew up into the air before the other hollow traveled towards Raikou but he seemed slower; mostly because of his size but his force was enough to make an indent in the ground below along with sending more dust for cover into the air.

The ducking and dodging was beginning to get a tad bit hectic now. All of the constant moving was soon halted by the other hollow's disappearance. Where did he go? A large shadow came from above and roared with one land crash to the soil. Raikou yelped and went flying back and rolled within the dirt. What was his purpose for fighting? Was he simply a mindless slave to endless bloodlust? Wanting to eat souls to gain more strength but eventually end up as someone else's meal later on. That was something Raikou just couldn't live down not knowing the complete story if there was one.

He staggered to get back on all fours and glowered at the giant before him. Now it was his turn to strike. A spiritual pressure that had been hidden was now bursting forth with one howl from this wolf. The larger creature staggered himself as he didn't suffer any pain yet like Raikou did to his back and hind legs. It wasn't hard to notice and that was when the opposite creature decided to make it's move. Pure havoc at its finest was about to be wrecked.

Now within the belly of the beast, a moderate amount of reiatsu was being concentrated. His eyes came to a close for a moment as he inhaled a large amount of wind to show this bursting energy's creation. The beast was rampaging and attempted to thrust his fist towards Raikou, bad move. For now The wolf thrusted his head downwards from the howl and from his maw emerged a purple tinted sphere which blasted the opposing hollow's arm off basically and both of them away from each other. This move was called Sombra Raya, in one of its two forms.

The gravel moved aside and paved a path when both hollows moved back. Raikou was panting and blood was seeping from the hollow's open gash that was formally his arm. One was exhausted, the other injured without repair. It would have been wise for the other hollow to give up, but he noticed something. Raikou's legs were buckling from the previous hit along with the blast he endured so closely from. Its large tongue motioned across the teeth of its mask just before it charged.

Anger, spite, scorn; all the emotions rose within Raikou like a rising tide from this thing not being dead yet. What could possibly happen next besides this thing healing or something. Happily that wouldn't be the case as once the beast thrusted its arm down; Raikou jumped back but landed in a bit of pain to only ignore it so he could run and jump onto the beasts arm. Now It was over; Raikou jumped and bit down on the hollow's neck and ripped a large chunk out of its neck.

The fall came as the beast collapsed. No more was the hollow and now Raikou was taking his prize. The other one...was being devoured; slowly and bit by bit but it was surely being eaten as a whole. The emerald ooze dripped down the side of his mouth after he was finished. Now he howled; aiming up at the dark gray sky above. Only time will tell if anything else were to happen. What was his goal going to be...?

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PostSubject: Re: Raikou Tristeza   Sun Jul 04, 2010 7:43 am

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Raikou Tristeza
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