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 Character Bio: Kaiyo Saiyouko

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Character Bio: Kaiyo Saiyouko Empty
PostSubject: Character Bio: Kaiyo Saiyouko   Character Bio: Kaiyo Saiyouko I_icon_minitimeMon May 18, 2009 2:28 pm

Name: (First name) Kaiyo (Surname) Saiyouko

Age: appears to be a child.

Height: 4ft 11"

Weight: 75lbs

Gender: Female

Kaiyo is in general quite friendly and nice to others; she follows her moral code to the letter and has a clear sense of right and wrong. While being a polite friendly girl she often finds herself in bad situations at the fault of her inability to stop speaking her mind. While always having a smile on her face Kaiyo does have a short temper and has a habit of arguing back a lot. Her child like mentality stops upon entry to a fight as she has a fierce sense of battle and is a worthy opponent to most. Another attribute of Kaiyo's is her inability to let anyone innocent be hurt or punished.

Kaiyo has shoulder length, layered blonde hair; she wears a red headband across her forehead that ties at the back of her head. She has a cute face and smile, only serving to attract people to her crystal blue eyes. Kaiyo wears her sword at her waist. Having survived through years of combat she has two scars along her cheek; only visible if you look hard enough. Her features are soft and inviting.her Captains haori is is sleeveless with an electric yellow lining.

Sealed Zanpaktou:
A 32" blade katana with a golden lion on the hilt that continues up to the blade collar. With a bight red scabbard and a red and yellow handle, the hanging chord is a light blue.

(Real world)
While living Kaiyo attended an all girl’s boarding school with her older sister, Saroki. Kaiyo had a lot of friends while living; she was a very active girl who attended clubs for most sporting activities. Her sisters were the same age as Kaiyo. She came from a small village outside the town, her father was an accountant and her mother was an amateur painter. In general Kaiyo was a very happy young girl; she had a lot of friends, a loving family and good quality of life. On the day Kaiyo died she was heading home after another term of school; she had missed the first bus home and was waiting at the bus stop alone. While waiting at the bus stop she heard a woman scream from down the road, she heard the cry for help and ran towards the noise, a woman was being mugged by two men; Kaiyo managed to get both men off the woman, only to receive a fatal head wound from one of the men. The woman was beaten within an inch of her life and the muggers escaped the scene and were never caught; Kaiyo died.
(Soul Society)
Kaiyo didn't remember how she got to Sereiti; she just remembered waking up very hungry. Fortunately for Kaiyo she found herself in one of the wealthier districts, she was given a job at a local bar, waiting tables and cleaning. It didn't take long for Kaiyo to hear the amazing tales of Shinigami, and their heroic deeds that were simply a day-to-day occurrence. While Kaiyo had never been a girl who adored such glory, the idea of helping others appealed to her. She asked around about becoming a Shinigami and, when possible, would stop and ask patrolling Shinigami in the area. After just two months Kaiyo's focus was on becoming a Shinigami; and a strong one at that, she had mentally prepared herself for the training ahead and had gone running must days leading up this moment. The moment where she applied to become a Shinigami, and vowed to be one of the best.


Spirit Power: 60//70//85
Speed: 40//50//65
Technique: 5
Fighting Skill: 70//80//95

Shikai: +2 to Spirit power, Speed and Fighting Skill.

Zanpaktou name: Tenrai Zenpyou (Divine Omen)

Call out phrase:
'Light the sky. Tenrai Zenpyou'

Description of released form:
The zanpaktou's physical shape stays the same aside from the small reduction in the blade size, to 30", making the zanpaktou easier to move around. Along the blade ridge the sword has a bright yellow glow that eluminates the sword. The sword also keeps the two ribbons attactched at the bottom of the blade handle (yellow and red). Whilst in Shikai Kaiyo's lightning Zanpaktou naturally transfers minor jolts of lightning to whatever her blade touches.

Ability 1:Raikou Mato (lightning target), a pure yellow bolt of lightning mixed with reaitsu is shot from the Blade edge of the Zanpaktou, the attack is air-born and can travel up to lond distances; up until Kaiyo cannot see the target. This attack can hit a maximum of two targets at the same time and will hit wherever the sword is pointing to.

Ability 2: Denkou Kabe, a great wall of spirit energy bursts forth from the ground much like lightning. It is an immense attack and releases a great amount of energy.

Ability 3: Chouwa no Tomishibi, the zanpakuto is stuck in the ground and releases energy that encompasses the area for 100 meters and destroys everything with a lower spirit pressure than kaiyo.

Bankai: +6 to Spirit power, Speed and Fighting Skill.

Call out phrase for Bankai:
'Blinding Illumination, Tenrai Zenpyou'

Description of the Bankai:
Kaiyo's Bankai involves her initial Zanpaktou transforming into two swords; both of opposites. The first sword has a black chain attached to the hilt of the blade, the handle itself was red and yellow and the blade white. The second sword has a white chain attached to the hilt of the blade, the handle yellow with red and the blade itself black. After releasing her Bankai and fighting for a while the lightning bolts etched onto the blades of each sword erput into actual lightning that circulates each blade. Kaiyo's Bankai increases the girl's fighting skill and speed; drastically improved speed. With heightened senses Kaiyo's Bankai focuses on the her close combat fighting skill and as a replacement for Kidou it fires long distance attacks as well. Whilst fightning when Kaiyo's blade repeatedly clash into another blade the electric current can often be passed along to the opponents blade, but Kaiyo has no control over this attack and doesn't know how to make it happen.


Ability 1:
'reikoku arashi' - relentless storm. Kaiyo's initial Bankai release offers no great combat abilities. As such, it is through the girl's first Bankai ability that this changes. Relentless Storm begins it's process by Kaiyo staying still for a moment, the lightning from both her blades, travel's up along the girl's arms and spread across the girl's body, covering her in a golden light. This process takes about 5 seconds. The golden light then cracks and shatters, leaving behind a golden trimmed armor. Thin in appearance, that severely increases Kaiyo's protection whilst also allowing quick and easy movement. The increased durability allows Kaiyo's 'all-out' fighting style to bring less of a downfall to her defense.

Ability 2: Can only be acquired when one is a Captain. Attained after 500 ZE.

Rp sample:
To some people the aspect of a day off, to go train would be daunting at the least. To Kaiyo this opportunity would be one of her last, so she planned to get the most out of it possible: she had packed her bad with a bottle of water and various rocks she had found that very morning. She took a deep breath as she stepped out onto the street, her smile welcomed the day and all the energy it brought with it.
She started off on her run with a steady jog: planning to speed up after hitting a more rural area. Despite her well laid plans, she turned the corner and ran into woman. She scrambled up and began to apologise to the lady, 'I'm really sorry, are you okay?' Kaiyo ran her hand through the back of her hair nervously, the woman; about 20, stood up and began wiping down her clothes. Kaiyo's eyes widened as she noticed the cut on the woman leg, 'Oh my god! Your leg, its bleeding...that's my fault isn't it?' . The woman stared blankly at Kaiyo for a while, before smiling peacefully at her,' not at all, its fine really, I can't even feel it'. Kaiyo looked between the woman’s eyes and the cut on her leg, unsure which was worse, the fact that she had knocked down and hurt the woman, or that the woman in question was being so nice about it. After several minutes more of apologising the woman assured Kai of her ability to still walk fine and ushered her to continue with her business.
Watching the woman leave, Kaiyo made a mental note for the future, either go round corners slower, or start jogging earlier in the morning

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Character Bio: Kaiyo Saiyouko Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Bio: Kaiyo Saiyouko   Character Bio: Kaiyo Saiyouko I_icon_minitimeMon May 18, 2009 2:40 pm

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Character Bio: Kaiyo Saiyouko
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