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 Hadoland Daimon

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PostSubject: Hadoland Daimon   Hadoland Daimon I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 05, 2010 9:27 pm

Name: Hadoland Daimon

After: 21
Now: 23

Before: 5'11
After: 6'1

Before: 198 lbs
After: 214 lbs

Gender: Male

Personality: Hado is not naturally cold to others, nor does he ever intentionally mean to be. He keeps his friends close, going out of his way to help without a thought to his own well-being, no matter what the situation or possible danger to his own being. A natural charisma flows easily from the man, leaving even the iciest of bystanders to at least acknowledge him, begrudgingly respecting him, even if they refuse to accept his natural charm. Never would he leave someone to die... Personal safety and mortal cost are irrelevant to him, if he can save a soul, he will give his utmost to do so, subconsciously afraid of the huge guilt that would forever rest on his head, his own personal Sword of Damocles, so to speak. He would save even his most bitter of enemies, knowing full well that they could rise to strike him again, but his nature is too... pure to ever live with himself. Hado is very protective over his mortal and supernatural friends, though he may be a bit shy in terms of admitting it, his actions confirming his inner feelings time and time again.

Despite what he claims, he doesn't always think before he acts, his rationality often outweighed by the heat of the moment. It honestly just doesn't occur to him to put careful consideration into situations where the heat of the moment is king, Despite this being the more logical thing to do. Rest assured, such consideration would have saved him from much embarrassment. However, any situation he deems of great importance will be considered with deep rationale. Although, given Hado's flippancy, the criteria that qualify a situation as important tend to vary greatly. Custard or Jelly... Life-changing.

His less than conventional childhood allows him to mask his emotions better than some trained professionals, having brilliant control over his expression, face muscles trained to not even reveal the slightest twitch. However, his greatest weakness is his eyes, very obviously the key to his soul, revealing everything he works hard to hide. It is fortunate then, that he does not often have need for this skill. On most occasions, a jovial state encompasses his being; painting a happy picture for all to see. Other times, his brow is furrowed deep in careful contemplation of his next action. Anger, depression, anxiety, fear, regret... These are emotions that are carefully hidden; it would not do to worry his peers.

He is a strong willed individual, one who never gives up, no matter how many times you were to beat him down, he would always spring back and fight on. Adversity be damned, there would always be the faintest of twitches on his lips. His eyes would burn with the resolve to overcome, and true despair would never grip him. Even in death, the corners of his lips perked up as if pulled by a puppeteer's strings, allaying any doubts to his eternal resolve. This power, this iron will, stemmed from his inordinate need to shoulder burden. Fitting then, that he would forever be the unbreakable horse.

Appearance: Pre-Time skip

After Time skip
Spirit Power: 25

Speed: 22

Intelligence: 12

Fighting Skill: 11

Rank: 5


Hado's life was never all too remarkable, all things considered. He was born to two loving, middle-class parents who were... Normal. His father was on the more intelligent side of the spectrum, but he was by no means a genius. His shifts were often long and brutal, Hado honestly never saw too much of him, but he loved him just the same. His mother was an even simpler being; she was quiet and calm, but like all mothers this was merely the eye of the hurricane. A slight cock of her head, a patient smile on her face, and she could send a shiver up your spine... Scary woman. Unfortunately, she was very sickly; couldn't often move from bed...  Anyway, the following is a chronicle of events that would forever change Hado. Viewer discretion is advised.

4 years old.

White foam exploded out of the fire-extinguisher; quickly snuffing out the flaming toaster. Junsaku Daimon breathed a sigh of relief and allowed his shoulders to slump slightly. His eyes sank shut for a moment before he shot a pointed look towards his only son, intending on scolding the boy. However... as soon as his gaze landed on the boy, his heart couldn't help but soften. Tears were welling up in the boy's eyes and he looked as though he had just committed a felony. A warm smile stretched onto the father's face, and he knelt down in front of his son. His patted the boy's head affectionately and spoke softly.

"So, why did you set the toaster on fire?"

The boy rubbed the tears out of his eyes, the beginnings of a frown forming on his minuscule features.

"M-moms sick... I just wanted to make her a breakfast in beeeed, and you weren't awake so..."

Little Hado looked down at his feet and only looked up when his father chuckled, mirth apparent on his face.

"Come on, let me help."

30 minutes later...

Little arms struggled to hold the heavy platter in front of him. One foot was placed gingerly in front of the other as the child walked slowly up the stairs. Hado carefully pushed the door open and placed the platter on the nightstand, shaking awake his still slumbering mother. Loving, hazel eyes fluttered open and stared confusedly at the boy. He had the most adorable look on his face; clearly excited and eyes shining with happiness. Hado hefted the platter and with a small, "Oof" he plopped the tin on her lap. Burnt toast with a big glob of butter only in the middle, a glass of Orange Juice that was more pulp that juice, a cup of cereal and a bowl of milk. Happy tears began to fill the sickly woman's gaze, and she hugged her little boy with all the strength she could muster.

"Thank you..."

A quick peck on the cheek and Hado scurried off, running downstairs only to see his father fixing his tie in the mirror.

"How'd it go? Did she like it?"

The boy, obviously not knowing any better, nodded profusely and smiled toothily.

"Yeah! She loved it! I'll bet she's eating it all right no~"

His father suddenly started coughing profusely; the man's hands flew forward to brace himself against the wall and crimson blood shot from his lips. Eventually he fell to his knees, and once his coughing fit subsided he knelt in silence, breathing heavily to catch his breath. Little Hado's eyes were wide, he didn't know what to do... He reached his little hand out and took hold of his father's shirt.


The look that his father gave him just about made him fall over. The loving stare that he was accustomed was gone, all that remained was grim determination shadowed by a deep pain... Junsaku seemed to age twenty years in a single instant, looking a gaunt and unpleasant man who bore the way of the world for far too long. This expression vanished as abruptly as it came, and the man rose to his feet with strength he did not have a moment ago. He placed his hand on his son's head and looked straight forward at both of their reflections.

"I'm okay son... As long as I have people who I love and who love me, I'll always be okay."

The boy only nodded, the true meaning of his words not yet recognized, but they still sunk in. It was, from that day onward that Hado would not show his pain. He would never show how tired he was, he would always keep moving as long as he had someone to keep moving for...


On that day, the little boy had taken his first step to becoming a man. Shortly after this event, Hado finally started school. Truth be told he was a little bit of an outcast, sure he knew how to have fun and interact with people, but he couldn't really relate with anyone his age. Though his overall disposition matched the expected for a four year old, sometimes his face adopted a strangely somber look, and he would say things only a fully mature adult could understand. The following years came and went; his father was obviously growing older and sicker, but he still worked those same hours with the same vigor he always possessed. His mother's condition never improved, and it quickly became part of Hado's routine to bring her breakfast in bed; tuck her in at night and cater to his mother's needs.

15 years old.

Hado sat at the dinner table, a newspaper stretched in front of his face and a bagel held in his mouth. He took a bite from the confection and allowed it to drop, his left hand unconsciously grabbing the fallen bagel and placing it on the counter. There was still time before school, and he had already brought his mother her breakfast; this was simply his morning routine.

"Hey Dad, you want the comics section?"

The young man brought a cup of coffee to his lips and sipped it lightly, not yet hearing a response. His eyes continued skimming the page and he casually called out again.

"Daaaad, I'm just gonna throw it out of you don't take it."

Okay, he wasn't REALLY going to throw it out, but still that usually got the old man off his butt. "Still no response, what on Earth?" He finally set his paper down and looked across at the empty seat in front of him. A wave of sadness coursed through the young man, and he smiled bitterly at his coffee.

"Oh yeah... You died three years ago..." He muttered quietly.

Shortly after Hado turned 13, his father had a heart attack in his sleep. By the time anyone realized what was happening, it was already too late... Still, if there could be any silver lining, at least he passed peacefully. Junsaku's eldest daughter had moved in and had taken over taking care of the family; Hado never knew if she just wanted the house or if she really cared enough to take care of them, but she wasn't that bad.

16 and 1/2 years old.

Things were going pretty good for Hado by this point. A new experimental drug had been released and his mother was responding excellently. He was due to graduate from highschool relatively soon, and Universities were lining up to accept him. His young heart thrummed powerfully as he thought of what was surely the love of his life, and he fussed endlessly with the waves of his hair. Eventually, it came time to pick up his sweetheart, and he nearly bolted out the door.

it was later in the evening; and Hado and his girlfriend were walking home from a wonderful dinner. Their fingers were carefully intertwined, his jacket was wrapped snugly around her shoulders, and they walked in peaceful silence. They had eaten at one of the most expensive places in Karakura, and the meal was absolutely impeccable. Now, they were simply enjoying a casual stroll through the city, both perfectly content with everything. Soon, however, something strange caught his eyes. There was a single little boy, no older than five, just standing in the middle of the road. The only traffic was far in the distance, so he was safe, for now. Still, it was a very strange sight. Hado shouted for the boy, trying to get his attention.

"Hey Kid! Get off the road there's traffic! You'll get hurt!"

There was no response, in fact, the boy didn't even bat an eyelash. He just continued to blankly stare off into space, not moving a single inch from his spot. "Huh... Maybe he's deaf?" However, his lover's voice soon interrupted his thoughts.

"Honey, who are you talking to?"

Hado shot her an incredulous look, something that only seemed to further the woman's confusion. Without looking away from his fiance, he pointed to where the boy was standing.

"There's a kid right there!"

He turned to look, and sure enough, the boy was still standing there. The only difference being a rapidly approaching truck.

"Kid! Get off the road!"

"Hey kid!"

Still nothing...


"Honey? There's no o~"

Hado leaped from his girlfriend, bolting into the street to push the kid out of the way out of the incoming vehicle. The bastard driving MUST be texting or something ridiculous, but he didn't have time for anything like that. He willed his body to move fast enough to save the boy, and he hoped beyond hope that he could make it in time to save his life. His hand reached forward, and phased straight through the boy...


His head cocked to the side and all he could see were bright... glaring lights.



His eyelids felt heavy... He slowly forced them open, and the light that came nearly blinded him. It was as though his eyes hadn't been used in months. His head shifted to the side and he began to get a bearing of his surroundings. It was a blindingly white room, everything looked painstakingly clean. He was very clearly lying down... Hmm. He tried moving; everything felt heavy, his joints creaked and he just felt pretty shitty. The sound of someone peacefully breathing caught his attention, and he turned his head slightly. A young woman with cinnamon tresses lay sleeping in a chair; there was a blanket strewn around her, and her head lolled adorably to the side.

The young man forced himself into a sitting position; and the woman's eyes shot open. Without even saying a word she threw her arms around Hado's neck in desperate embrace. The man's body tensed, but he patted the pretty woman's back awkwardly. He allowed this to continue for a few minutes, but soon he held her at arms length and just looked at her.

"Uhhm... Not that I mind you hugging me, but who are you?"

Her eyes widened, and tears surged forth from her eyes. Hado did the only thing that was natural and flailed around a little in panic, completely unaware of why the woman was crying.

"GAH! Wait! What did I say?! No! Don't cry!"

She sprang from the bed, and bolted from the room, leaving poor Hado to sit there in complete confusion. "What the hell just happened?"

Hado returned his gaze to the front of the room and nearly jumped out of his skin. There was a boy with ebony black hair, standing right in front of him. However, there was something incredibly strange... A large, gaping hole existed in his chest. Hado's eyes widened almost comically, and then the boy simply grinned... Bones snapped, and fragments of what used to be the boy's face fell to the ground. A strange, insectoid creature suddenly stood at the edge of the bed. An ebony white mask covered its face. Pain flooded Hado's entire being as his shoulder was impaled by this creature's leg... The beast's mouth opened impossibly wide and it was clear what it intended to do...

His right hand balled into a fist and was sent crashing into the side of the creature's mask. The small Hollow was knocked sideways off the bed, and the spike impaling the young man was torn painfully out. He had caught the thing by surprise... But he knew that wouldn't happen again, no, he would have to finish this thing before it had a chance to regain its footing. He swung from the bed and jumped onto the fallen creature, pummeling the creature's white mask with the strength of a man possessed. Cracks and craters formed wherever his fists connected, but it wasn't enough to completely shatter the mask. Three spikes erupted from Hado's chest... Blood pooled in his mouth, and the light was rapidly fading. There was one, large crack down the middle of the monster's mask....


He brought both of his fists together and slammed them down onto its mask with all that remained of his strength. The mask, and everything beneath shattered, and then everything went dark.

When he next awoke, he seemed to be in a palace of sorts. Individuals of varying dispositions bustling through; each possessing an aura of strength about them. Hazel hues examined them curiously, and he waited patiently for someone to notice the end of his slumber. Eventually, an ivory-haired woman approached, a gleaming grin stretched across her flawless features.

"Oh... And we were so worried! Fortunately, it seems you posses the gift!"

And with those simple words, Hado's world completely changed, and he began his journey as a Quincy.

Rp Sample:
From the very first moment that Hado had laid eyes on Despres, there had been a certain degree of warmth. The aged Arrancar almost always maintained his fatherly aura, an aura that could easily be associated with kindness... However, for these two souls, the closeness reached deeper. In Hado, the other had discovered a story eerily similar to his own. In a Death God, the emptiness and pain that define a Hollow was clearly carved into the all but the deepest reaches of his soul. Fitting then, that Hado too had his own mask. Instead of the ivory monster that existed on top of any Hollow's shoulders, his was defined of emulation. While a Hollow's mask was static, Hado's was constantly shifting, molded to whatever shape his subconscious deemed most fitting...

Perhaps it was pure irony that an Arrancar would be the soul to begin to mend that wound. Just as a Hollow was required to shatter their iconic mask in order to ascend, so too would Hado's camouflage require undoing. On that faithful moment, the first crack had materialized. Order had forced its way through the cloud of pure chaos that hid the true damage done to the soul. A candle, almost extinguished by the unforgiving cold, finally found reason to burn on. Marcellius was uniquely suited to understand the blight that echoed throughout the shattered soul, the worth of his gifts would prove immeasurable in comprehending, maybe even repairing the schisms within another's very being. Even as the young Shinigami struggled against his maze of thoughts to somehow express himself, the older soul could somehow see the true meaning of his muddled words...

Bewilderment resurfaced time and time again upon the fatherly Arrancar. Perhaps this was a strange phenomenon for a mind reader; presumably, those with this gift often understood their target's motivations better than they, themselves did. Yet, in a mind so riddled with empty doors, ruined halls and featureless geists, it seemed miraculous that one could find their way. Hado's comment regarding Marc's visage had only temporarily halted him with confusion, but he had quickly found the true course. Once again, the man's power reached out and found the correct corridor, one filled with ambiguous specters that shambled about without purpose. Propped upright in the center was a mummy, wrapped in the same ebony cloth that seemed to pulse of void. This new presence caused a stir in the corridor; the empty silhouettes flailed madly, and upon turning their empty hoods towards the clear presence, fled into the confines of their tormented's mind.

Hado could not do anything to stop a thin smile from appearing on his face. Whether or not this was a copy of the expression that Marcellius currently bore, or the first feelings of joy in a new life, perhaps only the two facing each other would ever know. Still, much as Despres was a master of infiltrating the mind's of others, Hado's eye was also keen to the most minute of facial cues. The old soul was not one who lived his life through deception, and it could be seen that he was somehow restraining himself, an unasked question quivered just underneath his expression. The Shinigami had no intention of letting any of the stranger's questions go unanswered. An unspoken trust had very quickly surfaced between the two individuals, such was the effect of the meeting of kindred spirits.

Though his initial discoveries regarding Marc's true origins had sent his mind reeling, the silent communication that the other was exhibiting did not pass by Tachimoto. As soon as panic had gripped the inexperienced man's subconscious, the older individual grew visibly weary. Even in a state of utter terror, this observation was plain as day, and perhaps it contributed to the rapid dissipation of fear. He could see the hope begin to dull in his gaze as the vexes of an unending cycle of persecution seemed to continue. A fresh pang of guilt sounded throughout Hado; he even cursed himself for allowing the inculcation of the Gotei overtake his more rational judgement. The dejected sigh that escaped the other's lips plunged the knife deeper into the young man's already guilty heart... He had brought up a painful experience for the only person he had yet to meet... Damn  

Yet, as quickly as the storm of irrationality passed in Hado's own mind, so too did the disappointment that marred his companions face. It appeared as though the other was completely in tune with the deepest thoughts and memories that surged through Hado's own mind. Was such a thing even possible? Was that how this fellow's power manifested? Was his power so great that he was allowed to peer inside the mindscape of all around him, could he, heaven forbid, understand a woman?!(Couldn't resist) Tachimoto had very quickly decided that he would settle for one question at a time, but with each passing moment, another observation sprouted dozens more. A cyclone within the eye of a hurricane, perhaps that would be the most accurate way of describe the current state of his mind. Questions sailed about in the momentary calm that was created; pushing back against the raging winds of his own uncertainty...

When an appropriate starting question was finally decided, the old fellow's response begged FURTHER question. He seemed... Genuinely surprised; more so by that innocent statement than by the incomprehensible mish-mash of crazy that tumbled throughout the young Shinigami's mind. What could have possibly been so puzzling about a simple "who are you?"... Perhaps he was not used to being regarded as a person? There was a certain quality with which that single word escaped the other; the word twisted with unfamiliarity across Despres' lips, showing the clear surprise at being addressed as a person, an equal... Well, as equal as a monstrously powerful Arrancar and a freshly graduated Shinigami could get, anyway.

Finally, there was a name to the... Face. Yet another chord was strummed by this most simple of exchanges... In a mere matter of moments, this complete stranger had suddenly become the person whom Hado knew the most detail of anyone else in his meager life. A face and a name... It seemed like so little, yet to one who had no experience, no hope of understanding what these ideas in conjunction felt like... This new concept was mind-boggling, to say the least. The rest of Despres' words barely registered on the frazzled young man, and it would honestly take a few moments to formulate a coherent response.  

The bandages that bound the mummy visibly loosened, and eventually the empty cloth began to unfurl. The void infused cloth was slowly fading away, and the figure buried beneath anonymity was finally taking shape. A single eye was finally allowed revealed, and an uncertain lid slowly forced itself open. It spun vigorously inside its own socket; and though the river was still mostly dammed, that single crack in the wall allowed just enough through to begin revitalizing the rotting corpse. The room continued to spin, but finally, the eye rested on the boulder that had started the waves... An Azure hue met an Ocean but this would only be the beginning...

The Shinigami suddenly shook his head; the entire scene having taken only microseconds to occur. Marcellius had acknowledged that he was a Hollow, but, training be damned, it didn't phase the Death God in the slightest. As reality had come surging back, the other's visage could be seen maintaining a smile. The corners of his lips slowly pulled themselves upwards in a reflexive mirror, and he chocked out a response. "Tachimoto... Tachimoto Hado..." Though the young Death God had the vaguest inkling that Marcellius had already KNOWN the answer to that question, formalities still had to be maintained... Probably. "Err... Thanks for, snapping me out of that... But... Why? More importantly... Why do I see you?"

Once again, Hado was proving himself a veritable MASTER at word choice. I mean, who WOULDN'T be able to make sense of whatever the hell just came out of his mouth... This impediment was odd coming from Hado; never in his memory had he ever had such difficulty communicating what he was thinking. Although, perhaps it was because no one had ever asked him any questions that required deep inspection? Although... Marcellius had only asked for the young man's name, why did the response feel so foreign on his lips? Why did there feel like he was being pulled from the bottom of the Ocean... Why why why...

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Yes an Rp sample is required for approval... and at least 5 sentances for me... idk about others...
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You know, we should really label our apps with the class we take lol... I didn't even know it was a quincy until the end of your history/background lol..



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(+15 Stat Point) (tell me where you want me to place them)
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