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 The Hollowfication of Leviathan Crysilfer (Hollow only unless invited)

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PostSubject: The Hollowfication of Leviathan Crysilfer (Hollow only unless invited)   Mon May 31, 2010 5:52 pm


The day started off like anyother, it was hot and humid. Like other days Leviathan was ignored by his parents, teachers, and just about every other person in the world. But unlike other days he decided that today he would do something about it. So he went up the stairs to his room, pulled out his worn leather bag and began packing it with only the most useful provisions which is to say one set of clothes and a whole bunch of chocolate bars, marshmellows, and other sweets. He also paacked some money, in which to buy more sweets with when he ran out.

Having finished packing he walked down the stairs to the door, each step set his heart pumping faster, he was finally going to leave. The old floorboards creeked under his bare feet, letting out a sigh Leviathan sat down to put his shoes on. He didnt care who saw him since no one would care anyway if he left. He then proceeded to exit out of the house. The heat of the day struck out at him and he realised that thhe chocolate might melt before he got to where ever he was going. Leviathan looked back to catch one last glimpse of his old life. As Leviathan continued on his way he knew that if he went along with his plan, his life would change forever. But he decided that any life was better than the one he already had. No one acknowledged him as he walked down the street, they didnt care. Yet even if they did say hello, the best thing that Leviathan could do was to nod back. I should tell you that Leviathan was deaf, unable to hear that around him, he relied soley on his eyes to see and decifer what people were saying and or doing.

After about an hour of walking Leviathan decided that now was a good time for a snack. So he stopped, unclasped his bag and pulled out a chocolate bar. He started walking again as he opened the package and began to eat the chocolate. It tasted delicious, sweet and intoxicating. He continued to focus on the warmth that the chocolate gave. Eventually he reached a light, the signal said walk so he did so. He didn't, however, see the car that hadn't noticed the light change. Any other person would have heard it, but Leviathan, now focused on his freedom and unable to hear did not sense it at all. At the last couple seconds the car saw him and slammed on the brakes, but seeing that it would not slow down in time the driver held the horn, hoping that Leviathan would hear, but he didnt hear.

The car crashed into him, sending him flying into the air like a ragdoll or crash test dummy. He flew right into a sign post, breaking open his head. As he lay there dying, his body broken he vowed he would obtain true freedom, he was furious that he was dying and would not allow himself to remain thus subdued. The driver rushed over to him and started talking, but Leviathan couldn't hear him, and with the blood flowing into his eyes he couldnt make out the words the man's lips were forming. Leviathan died within minutes, his heart full of rage.


It was like a blink, one minute he was dying and the next he felt completely healed. He sat up and looked around, there was white sand everywhere, as far as the eye could see. Little did he know that 2 years had already passed since his death and that he had been a menos for 2 years. He thought that the last year was a dream, a dream in which he killed many other menos and devoured them. But it was no dream, it was how he turned out with a full concious and evolved body. He looked around confused, where was he and how did he get there? He reached his hand up to see if he still had a scar and found that although his hand past infront of where his face should be, he could not see it. He tapped a finger against his face and found a hard bony mask instead, he realized that he could see where his face should be as if he had eyes in his hands. He could also see behind him and infront of him, at ground level and higher.

He smiled, a gesture that went unnoticed. He wondered if there was anything around. As if an answer to his question he found himself able to sense the objects and obstacles around him for up to around 150 feet! This was incredable, nothing like this had ever happened to Leviathan before, at least...he didn't think it did. But even as he discovered new things, he was forgetting the old ones, he had almost forgotten his entire life before. Then everything went blank and he was left with no memories, but the memories as a menos were surfacing as if they were always there.

He began running around, testing out his new found strength and speed, his new life had begun.
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The Hollowfication of Leviathan Crysilfer (Hollow only unless invited)
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