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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Nara, Shikuro (Finnished)

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Nara, Shikuro (Finnished) Empty
PostSubject: Nara, Shikuro (Finnished)   Nara, Shikuro (Finnished) I_icon_minitimeSat May 29, 2010 4:00 pm

Age: 24 (Looks like 17)(I'm saying 24 since that would be reasonale for one being in the academy)

Height: 5.8ft

Weight: 65.4kg

Gender: Male

Personality: He mostly acts carefree and strong willed when he is allowed to, for example in his free time or when he ain't being expected certain standards of him. though when something bigger is up like an high assignment, or if he is representing something or someone. He will act very mature and serious. Always making sure to put himself as a very responsible person. He enjoys the feeling of being counted on, and the feeling of making someone smile. every sign of him having a finger in someone's happiness fills him with a great satisfaction.
Nara, Shikuro (Finnished) ShikuroShini_zps9bd1469e

Sealed Zanpakutō : The hilt of the sword is black the blade thin and long, only a few inches shorter then his own body length. from the hilt runs a strim of black cloth about 6 inches off the bottom of the hilt.


Call out phrase:Blacken Them All Hikage

Description of released form:The Zanpakuto stays as it was originally though the straps on the hilt become shadows wrapping up on left arm and hand forming a black claw and on right lower arm forming a black bladed arm guard.
(Alike the weapons in the Spoiler)

Ability 1: (Rank 3 Required)
Kage Yaiba(Shadow Blade)
stretches out a blade from the users own shadow which can be manipulated and used to both strike and defend with, it will mostly follow the movements of the user since its controlled by thoughts and then the user would have to think about striking in two directions which would make it almost impossible to strike unlike the user strikes himself if the user is in a rather stressed situation.
So its easiest to control when following the users movement though can also move without or in other directions than the users own.
the length of the shadow varies if the shadow starts an/or passes through other shadows when being manipulated.

Ability 2: Chimeiteki In'Ei (Deadly shades)
Description of ability:
This ability draws on the shades around Shikuro to empower his attributes of his weapons accordingly, His Zanpakuto will be made sharper at least pressure wise making his hit that much more lethal their is added a small range around the blade making it hit just slightly sooner though it will be easy to see what to dodge as the blade will never reach further than the shroud covering the blade is showing. Kage Yaiba is Enhance being able to split into 5 pieces of course he can make them connect making each of the individual shades stronger should their be needed though in the split each shade ain't as strong as when he first could use them the originals power lowered a bit just before enhancing 5 times so it will never be 5 times as strong as it would be before the ability is used.
His Claw haven't received the lethality his Sword had though its abilities has been enhanced to though to the opposite of being able to block Reistu and to even hold it in his hand(claw) and it will be that much harder to actually cut through the claw as its defenses in general has been enhanced.

Ability 3:Kage Yari (Shadow Spear)
Description of ability.
The user forms a spear within his Shikai's claw, and that claw is the only thing that able to hold onto the spear without releasing an action. When the claw has hold of the spear it is nothing more than a spear it is first when the claw lets go things change and there will be 3 different actions. Upon hitting a shadow, 5 Shadow Blades will appear that will last for about two posts, upon hitting a person or one persons shadow five small but very clean cut will be made on the victims body nothing fatal unless the persons spiritual pressure can't fend of the attacks, which almost anyone one would be able to. Upon hitting an area where there's no shade the spear will simply explode.

Call out phrase for Bankai: "Bankai... Hikage Tenshi!" (Flying Shadow Angel)

Description of the Bankai: Shikuro's weapons from the Shikai disperses into shades leaving him only with the Katana, the two weapons he has last moving back onto his back. Creating a set a beautiful black feathered wings. His clothes changes rapidly as the colors being mostly black with the hint of a black blue at the edges of the lining. He gains a hood, which casts a shade down over half of his face, the edges of the clothes being that said blue. his standard shinigami clothes gaining a tighter fit on him. Allowing the wings the ability to move more freely.

Abilities: The Bankai makes the users the shadow a beacon to other shadows being able to control and other shadows, along with the users own. As his shakai could only be empowered by them they now want to help him so much as they become his weapon.

Ability 1: (Rank 6 Required)
Kage Haken Wo Niguru (Shadow Supremacy)
Shikruo molds the shadow s around him into his weapons, able to control them to aid him the best be it multiple shadow blades as he had before in his shikai. Or coat his main weapon with the power of the shadows to increase its power and durability. Or creating a weapon of choice within a free hand. that being said, Shikuro wont be able to make a persons shadow harm the person himself.

Each character gets 60 skill points to assign to either:

Spirit power: 25

Speed: 48

Technique: 15

Fighting skill: 30

(+5 at Rank 1, +5 at Rank 2, +10 at Rank 3, +10 at Rank 4, +10 at Rank 5.) [Up to Date]

History/Background: Shikuro woke up in the rukon district after having passed away on earth, it was a swift journey no troubles on the way leaving him with no memory of his life at all. Though he had a scar over his right eye and going down a lil over his chest. Though he was young, he could easily see that a scar like that wasn't exactly normal, though he didn't really care. People asked him how he had gotten that scar, and everytime he just had to say, "I can't remember" they all judged him upon the fact that in his life on earth he must have done something terrible to have attained a scar like that. And after that didn't want to have anything to do with him.
The shadow became his friend, his only friend. though he knew how to use it, and as very young he started to feel the hunger pressing though from observing the people around him, he couldn't figure out why he felt this way. Shikuro was living in the very poor section of Rukon. the outer rim and Food wasn't exactly something all had most souls ate cause of pleasure not of hunger, which made food highly unattainable as a poor soul like Shikuro. though he started wandering, for a way to get rid of the pain caused by hunger, wandered all the way to the risher districts, where as he was wandering into and ally, to seek the shadows hidding his foot kicked a lil to a apple, Shikuro couldn't beleive what he was seeing an apple not of poor condission just lying there. So he ate it, feeling the pain disappearing, though not entirely but surely the cause of the pain was needing food. He still looked exhausted, that apple wasn't exactly enough to fill his hunger. He started stealing food to feed his hunger, though only enough to keep the pain away, and only from those who didn't seem to be needing it. But there came a day where he had a hard time attaining some food, he had waited too long, couldn't react fast enough to actually get some food. atleast not from a shop, so he had to seek out some with food on him. he found one, and had to go for it, but as his fingertips touched the food, he felt the tightening of a hand around his wrist, and a sword pressed towards his neck.
Shikuro looked at the man in fear, though the sun was blinding him, he couldn't really catch an actually face. the Man spoke "There is better ways than stealing to settle your hunger... Seek out the Shinigami Academy if you want to continue living without the stealing" Shikuro was mostly in shock, the man gave up his food to and walked away, Shikuro ran into the shadows, it had surely made a scene, though he sought the shadow to conseal him. as he ate the food, he tought about the mans words, and what a relief it would be to get rid of the constant guilt of stealing to live on. He wouldn't wait and seeked out the academy the same day.
He was accepted, and suddenly his life stood to be changing alot suddenly.

Rp sample: Shikuro took his sword, raised it infront of himself. He could almost hear his own heatbeat, as he led his eyes slowly run down the sword. He smiled slwol curving the blade swiftaround warming up the blade. he used no effort letting the sword work on its own swinging like pendule though to down besides himself each time. the sun gliding over the metal lines shinning bright. With no hesitation he stepped forward sending the first slash into the dummy, then keeping his feet balanced, he steps behind the dummy, sending his next slash into the dummy while its in motion from the last blow. And with the swing still going on from the last slash Shikuro digs the tip of the sword into the ground, then making a jump up placing his palm on the end of the hilt balancing on the blade then sending a flat kick into the dummy kicking it 4 feet away from himself.

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Nara, Shikuro (Finnished) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nara, Shikuro (Finnished)   Nara, Shikuro (Finnished) I_icon_minitimeSun May 30, 2010 1:12 pm

Rank 6

Learned Kido:
Hado and Bakudo 1-10
Hado 11

Hado 14
Bakudo 18
Hado 18
Bakudo 19
Hado 25
Bakudo 21
Bakudo 26
Hado 30
Bakudo 30
Bakudo 31
Hado 31

Hado 33

42. Constrictor's Fury
44. Illusory Clones
54. Shield of the Templars
61. Six Rods Prison of Light
62. Hundred Steps Fence

50. Solar Flare
62. Blue Nova Wind Storm
63. Lightninng's Burning Howling
71. Sunburst
73. Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down
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Nara, Shikuro (Finnished)
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