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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 Lavi Kusajishi

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PostSubject: Lavi Kusajishi   Sat May 29, 2010 10:31 am

Name: Lavi Kusajishi

Age: 117 years (looks 18)

Height: 6.2 feet

Weight: 167,55 lbs  

Gender: Male

Personality: Lavi can seem very serious most times due to his time in the Rukon district, but because of the traits from his life on earth he is friendly and pretty immature when you get to know him closer, and he also have a bad tendency to fall in love with any cute girl he meets.

On his right eye Lavi has an eye patch, that he obtained while fighting in the rukon district, he never takes it off, even though his eye behind it works fine.
else he wears the clothes that an academy student has to.

Sealed Zanpakuto: A katana with a length of about 37 inches, and else it is mostly just standard rest of the way

Call out phrase: Bring down Justice Yoshio

Description of released form: In its released form, the Shikai is a black iron hammer


Ability 1: (Rank 3 Required)
Description of ability: The Hammer can grow in size as well as getting smaller on command from Lavi, as the hammers size increases and decreases, so does it weight, but Lavi is unaffected by the weight of the hammer, as he it is his weapon.

Each character gets 60 skill points to assign to either:

Spirit power: 43

Speed: 21

Technique: 18

Fighting skill: 33

(Rank 2-3, +10 Speed ~rank6 +10F 5T 20Sp)

Time on Earth: During Lavi’s time on earth he was not someone who would be considered a tough guy, rather the opposite as he was a boy always chasing the girls, and he got rejected countless times, but it never stopped him, and it did happen he could find a girl that liked him as well.
When he went to school he was what people considered the class clown, as he made imitations of what he had seen, and yet he was pretty good in school, the only reason he did stand so much out was because he wanted to, and loved the attention.
However his life as happy as it was, found its sad end when he was walking home one day when someone at a construction area dropped a hammer, which hit him right in the head with such a strong velocity, that it almost caused instant death.
After the accident Lavi was placed at the hospital, but because of the severity of the damage they could not save him, and if they did he would have been seriously brain damaged.
After death incurred it did not take long for him to gain whole form, he was unaware of all that was going on, and mostly walked around in unknown directions until he would find something, and he sure also find something, but he would rather have avoided that, as it was a hollow he found in the end, not a big one, but even that would be enough to take him out.
To his luck a shinigami made its way there, and disposed of the hollow before it had done too much harm to Lavi, and after that he was sent to soul society.
Soul society: Lavi did not remember much when he woke up, only thing he really remembered was his first name.
Everything else was as cloudy as the sky he woke up looking at.
When he stood up and looked around, all there was to see was trees, and then there was a lot of noise around in the area like it was busy around, his clothes was pretty ragged, and his body bruised, from the hollow attack before he arrived at soul society.
He decided to find out where he was, and try his luck around, but before he could make it out of the area he was in, he was stopped by three men, they were thugs, and did not look very friendly.
Lavi mostly just wanted to get out of there, but they where there to rob him, and if he had nothing then kill him.
Lavi’s only possessions were the clothes he went around in, and in no way was that good enough to them.
They were going to kill him for just that reason, but before they landed a killing blow Lavi yelled out for a saviour, and to answer his call a blade fell from the sky hitting down between him and the thugs.
Not feeling much choice he picked up the sword and in a rage of survival he cut down each of them without hesitations.
From that time on his lived in the dark parts of the 79 north rukon district.
Life was hard, but despite all the hardship Lavi went trough, he kept going, one day was just another battle to be won against hunger thieves, and what else could be found.
Because he only knew his own first name he took the districts name as his last name, as he saw himself and many others also did, as the strongest person in the district.
But his search for more strength, and stronger opponents he found his way nearer the seretei, and in the end got into the academy, even though he was not much for it, and rather just skip that part, as he saw it as a waste of his time, and yet not anyways as his eyes quickly feel upon some of the female students.

Rp sample: The training that day had been kind of boring, and it was not looking much better at any point, so Lavi just made his way towards his room so he could at least rest a bit and be ready for when something was going to happen.
Because he had not been paying too much attention to things around him, he hit into a person, it was someone smaller then him, and possible someone that was also walking in their own thoughts, he raised his head a little while saying “sorry abou---“ his voice got killed as he got a better look at the person, it was a young cute looking girl, and by what he would say just hi type in appearance, but that could of course be taken up to discussion as that was what he said about any cute looking girl.
“Strike” he just said suddenly as that was a bit of a catchphrase whenever he saw such a girl, and he then looked a bit up almost with tears in his eyes thinking how perfect it was to meet that kind of girl, and getting completely ahead of himself on everything.

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PostSubject: Re: Lavi Kusajishi   Sat May 29, 2010 12:20 pm

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Lavi Kusajishi
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