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The war is over and the Soul King has been destroyed. Great rifts are being torn between the realms and the flow of souls has become unstable. Will you come to the aid of the universe or become its ultimate undoing? The choice is yours!
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 The Dragon Kings Inferno

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PostSubject: The Dragon Kings Inferno   The Dragon Kings Inferno I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 22, 2010 2:06 pm

After escaping the Forest of Menos, Ryuujin celebrates his survival with a hunt. With a flap of his wings and a crack of his tail he was off in to the sky to search for his next meal. He gazed down at the valley of sand below him and saw nothing. Endless sand for miles, and then even more sand after that. The desert seemed lifeless and Ryuujin had wondered if there were no more Hollow left. The one thing Ryuujin had not considered was that maybe, he was in another Hollows territory, another Hollows hunting grounds. Ryuujin had not eaten all of the Hollow in the area, another Hollow had.

Ryuujin takes a break from looking down at the lifeless desert and looked in the distance. Ahead he saw a shadow. This shadow however was the silhouette of something very familiar. He could see that it had two wings, a single head, four legs and a tail. Its wings were similar to his... Its head was similar to his own... Its legs had claws like his... and its tail was almost as long as his own... Suddenly Ryuujin finally came to the realization of what was going on. He wasn't looking in a mirror, or looking at some illusion. He was looking at another Dragon! This dragon was slightly larger than Ryuujin and was completely black, other than his white mask and talons. Ryuujin was fueled with rage! He would not accept another dragon to exist, he HAD to kill it!

Ryuujin flapped his wings and flew straight towards the other Dragon, who had finally noticed Ryuujin. This other Dragon had similar feelings towards Ryuujin and hated him only for being a dragon. With a flap of its own wings it charged Ryuujin and they collided in mid air. Fang on fang, talon to talon, they were an even match. As they were falling to the Earth, the black dragon bit Ryuujins neck, its teeth sinking deep in to his flesh. However Ryuujin quickly lifting his hind leg and drug his talons across the dragons stomach. The Dragon released Ryuujins neck from his mouth, fortunately not taking a bite out of him. They crashed in to the earth launching a pillar of sand in to the air. When the sand dropped, the two of them could be seen in a stand off, both of the bearing their fangs at each other.

Ryuujin snarls at the other dragon and says, "You shouldn't resist me! You have the chance to become part of a TRUE Dragon!"
The Black Dragon replies to Ryuujin, "You're nothing compared to me! I am Kaijin! The dragon king!"
Ryuujin says, "Then today you loose your crown!"

Ryuujin charged Kaijin in his fury and attempted to return a bite to Kaijins neck, however kaijin quickly stands on his hind legs opening his claw and slaps Ryuujin away, opening up a large gash on his face. Ryuujin then quickly tries to whip Kaijin with his massive tail, However Kaijin quickly takes flight! Ryuujin turns to face him and quickly takes off after him. Kaijin stares down at Ryuujin as he flies towards him. He Roars loudly and dives at Ryuujin. The two collide once again in the air, clawing and biting, wrapped around each other trying to inflict as much damage as possible. The two once again crash in to the ground, however this time Kaijin pins Ryuujin to the ground, holding on claw on his throat and the other on his chest.

Kaijin says, "You worthless excuse for a Dragon! I'll turn you in to ashes!"

At that very moment, Ryuujin had realized something. Throughout his entire lifetime as a Dragon there was one thing he had never accomplished. He had never breathed fire! His mind was boggled... How could he call himself a true dragon without the ability to breathe fire!? Ryuujin stared Kaijin in the eye as Kaijin spewed a torrent of flames upon him. The heat Ryuujin felt was almost as great as the pain. What a disgrace he was, he thought. Even so... Even if he didn't have the ability to breathe flames, he was still great! The things he had accomplished without the fire of a Dragon! He didn't need fire! He had Pride!

Ryuujin lifted his arm and swept away Kaijins claw from his throat and swiped him across the face with his other claw opening up another gash on his face. Kaijin stopped spewing his fire, giving Ryuujin a window of opportunity! Ryuujin extended his neck and took a bite out of Kaijins! Kaijin roared in pain and sorrow, realizing that another Hollow has devoured a piece of him which would forever put his evolution to a halt! Ryuujin swallowed Kaijins flesh, gaining some of his power and healing some of his wounds. He quickly leaped up and grabbed Kaijins neck with his claw, pulling him to the ground and rolling over on top of him pining him in the same way he had pinned himself.

Ryuujin roars victoriously and says, "YOU ARE NO KING OF DRAGONS!"

Ryuujin would inhale a great amount of air, and in his lungs he gathered his Reiryoku which ignited in to a torrent of flames which he exhaled over Kaijin searing his flesh! After biting Kaijin he had received the power to breathe fire! Kaijin then quickly swipe at Ryuujin in the same manor Ryuujin had done to him to get up, however Ryuujin would not be foiled by his own trick! Ryuujin leaped back off of Kaijin allowing him to stand. Kaijin glared at Ryuujin growling angrily. Ryuujin sprints at Kaijin attempting to lad a finishing blow, however Kaijin scooped sand in to his claw and threw it at Ryuujin temporarily blinding him. Ryuujin quickly wipes the sand out of his eyes with his wrist and looks up at Kajin who retreated in to the sky. Ryuujin roared victoriously, he had defeated his Rival!
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The Dragon Kings Inferno
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