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 You can't fool a Dragon!

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PostSubject: You can't fool a Dragon!   You can't fool a Dragon! I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 19, 2010 11:01 am

Somewhere in the vast White Desert, there is a Rock. However this rock isn't like any ordinary rock in Heuco Mundo, it is the biggest rock! It is the size of a small mountain, and on this rock is a cave, and inside that cave is the nest of the dragon Ryuujin. Many hollow believe that this cave is where Ryuujin brings the remains of his prey to feed on later. "A treasure trove of corpses, ready for the devouring!". Ol' Gilbo said. Many hollow would be interested in this, and it would be worth a peek to find out if it were true. However most Hollow are far too afraid to even look. Except for ol' Gilbo!

Gilbo is one of the smartest Hollow around, often fooling stronger hollow in to giving him what he wants. However because of his weak body, he was never able to grow stronger because he could never defeat another Hollow. Ryuujins "treasure trove of corpses" seemed to be Gilbos only hope for becoming more powerful. He traveled five days to reach the Rock that is said to be the home of Ryuujin, and climbed for another. Finally, he reached the cave at the top. Gilbo thought back to his companions warnings about Ryuujin back in the desert.

Pudgy says, "Ye must be an idiot! Ryuujin is de biggest hollow I ever seen!"
Lanky yells, "Hes a hundred feet tall! got a mouth the size of pudgy! He could eat you in ONE bite!"
Gilbo sighs at their comments, turning to face the east, which is the direction of The Rock. He wonders if what they said about Ryuujin is true, but then realizes that they're idiots.
Gilbo says, "You two don't know what you're talking about... If i do meet Ryuujin, I'll just talk my way out like I always do!"
Both Pudgy and Lanky glare at Gilbo for a few moments and the burst out.
Gilbo turns to face them and answers. "I'm going! thats that!"
Gilbo begins walking East leaving Lanky and Pudgy behind who begin to cry in sorrow believing that Gilbo will never return to them and they will be doomed because of their simple minds.

Gilbo glares at the caves entrance, he is overcome with fear and is unable to move forward. He begins to imagine Ryuujin as the most terrifying creature to ever roam Heuco Mundo. He shakes his head and says, Get a Hold of yourself Gilbo! Their only rumors!" he then takes a deep breath and slowly approaches the cave. At first he sees nothing, so he moves deeper in to the cave. The farther he moves the darker it becomes, and the more his imagination begins to run wild. He quietly says to himself, "Maybe i should just go back... This is getting too scary..." He then pauses for a moment and nods his head. He turns around and even before he takes one step he hears a loud Roar echoing from the direction he came. he then came the realization of what just happened... Ryuujin had returned!!!

Gilbo, left with no other option turned around once more and started to run deeper in to the cave. After a moment of running, he tripped on something squishy. It was dark, and he couldn't tell what it was so he decided to pick it up and get a closer look. It was squishy, dangley, and stunk something awful. He looked closer... IT WAS A HOLLOWS ARM! He quickly dropped it and stepped back, tripping once more but this time falling on a pile of flesh and bones. The rumors were true! Ryuujin did have a treasure trove of corpses! Gilbo heard loud footsteps drawing closer to where he was. He had no other option but to hide in the pile of corpses.

Gilbo dug through the pile of flesh and bone until he was perfectly concealed. He left a small hole open so that he could see Ryuujin, the one that Lanky said was a hundred feet tall! Ryuujin walked in to sight, not even being close to a hundred feet tall. Gilbo was disappointed, yet he was still frightened. Ryuujin walked up to the pile of corpses and took a big bite out it, swallowing without even chewing. Gilbo was disgusted with Ryuujin, finding him very ungraceful.

After a half hour or so, Ryuujin had fallen asleep. His mass dwarfed the mass of corpses and there was very little room to move around him. Gilbo had to find a way out! who knew how long Ryuujin would be sleeping there. Gilbo, being the smart little devil he is tore the skin off of some of the corpses and wore it like a dress. Disguised as a corpse, Ryuujin surely wouldn't notice him! Gilbo crept out of the pile of corpses and began to move slowly around Ryuujin who was snoring very loudly. As Gilbo tip toed around Ryuujin, he thought he was free, he thought that once he was out of the cave, he'd just wait for Ryuujin to leave! He would leech off of Ryuujins efforts and become strong! However while he was thinking about all of this he hadn't noticed something very important... He realized something was wrong but he couldn't figure it out. He kept tip toeing out of the cave when finally it came to him... There was no more snoring! Gilbo froze, his fear got the better of him. He slowly turned around to look behind him and saw Ryuujin standing before him bearing his fangs at poor ol Gilbo.

Ryuujin Roared and yells, "You DARE enter MY cave!?"
Gilbo froze, his fear was preventing him from responding. He then shook his head and looked up at Ryuujin and replied, even though he was still utterly terrified.
Gilbo replies, "My name is Gilbo! I've come here to WARN you!"
Ryuujin says, "Warn me? Warn me about what?"
Gilbos heart was beating so fast, he could barely keep his train of thought on its tracks! His warning had caught Ryuujins attention, but how could he continue with this lie? It Just wasn't coming to him! After a long pause Gilbo finally thinks of an answer!
Gilbo says, ""Well from the other Dragon! Kyuujin! He wants you dead and is planning on ambushing you as soon as you leave this cave!"
Ryuujin grumbles a moment and answers. ""Kyuujin? I've never heard of him! Or another dragon for that matter!!!"
Gilbo replies, "Well of course! he kept his existence a secret for this very purpose!"
Ryuujin Roars loudly and says, "I WILL DESTROY HIM!"
Gilbo does have quite a silver tongue however sometimes he gets ahead of himself... His own Pride leads him not to allow Ryuujin to leave the cave and leave him with the treasure trove of corpses, but to continue his lie and play his part!
Gilbo says, "Wait my master! Kyuujin has most likely brought other Hollow with him! You don't want to get hurt do you? Why don't you feed on your pile there! Get a little stronger before heading out to fight him!"
Ryuujin ponders for a moment and agrees. He says,You're right... I should feed before fighting a rival dragon!"
Ryuujin glares at Gilbo for a period of time and Gilbo suddenly realizes his mistake. He had gotten ahead of himself and now Ryuujin plans to eat him! Gilbo tries to save himself with yet another burst of wit!
Gilbo says, "Tell you what! I'll go outside now, and warn Kyuujin that you are not here! If i do that the other hollow will leave and you will be able to fight Kyuujin one on one!"
Ryuujin ponders for a moment and replies. "Very well... Go outside and..."
Ryuujins pause alarms Gilbo. Had he worded something wrong? had he made some kind of fatal mistake!? These thoughts were rushing through Gilbos mind and his fear was a sure sign to Ryuujin that he was lying.
Ryuujin asks, "You traveled here to warn me of Kyuujin... Yet you know him well enough to warn him as well!"
A chill runs down Gilbos spine and he replies. "Well i served byuujin for a time, but i believe you're the greater dragon!"
Ryuujin says, "Byuujin?"
Gilbo freezes. How could he have mispronounced his name!? Ryuujin surely suspects him now!
Gilbo says, "Oh well.. uh... you see, its uh... a Nickname! I always get confused... you see..."
Ryuujin steps forward and says, "You're shaking quite a bit."
Gilbo replies, "Well... uh... you're just so... so... Magnificent you see!"
Ryuujin growls loudly, bearing his teeth once more to Gilbo.
Gilbo says, "Hold on what about Kyuu... No Byuu.. Kyuujin!? Hes just outside! Hes going to..."
Just then Gilbo realizes that he can no longer talk his way out of this one. He turns around and begins to dash for the exit. Ryuujin quickly chases him, following him all the way to the beginning of the cave. Just as Gilbo sees the light at the end of the tunnel, Ryuujin roars so loud it shakes the tunnel itself causing Gilbo to stumble. Gilbo realizes that he will not reach that light at the end of the tunnel. He should have heeded the warnings of Pudgy and Lanky, his only friends that he left to accomplish his own goals. He closes his eyes and weeps in sorrow as Ryuujin approaches him and sinks his teeth in to him. Ryuujin swings his head up in to the air and opens his mouth tossing Gilbo in to the air and soon falls back down in to his mouth and is swallowed whole...

Ryuujin has gained Gilbos intelligence, and he is now able to think much clearer. He realizes that saving his food is a bad idea and will attract other Hollows. He roams back to the end of the tunnel and begins to feast on the corpses he had saved, leaving not one bone fragment left.
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You can't fool a Dragon! Empty
PostSubject: Re: You can't fool a Dragon!   You can't fool a Dragon! I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 20, 2010 12:55 am

+3 Intelligence to Ryuujin


You can't fool a Dragon! KuramaHimura-2-1
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You can't fool a Dragon!
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